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ASUS Introduces the Ultra-Slim SDRW-08U5S-U External DVD Writer


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Oct 9, 2007
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ASUS today announced the SDRW-08U5S-U external DVD writer, a highly portable optical drive with the thinnest form factor in its class at just 13mm. Its design includes a built-in hidden stand that saves space and reduces clutter while enabling dual-stance horizontal and vertical placement. For data protection, ASUS integrates multiple security measures, with password controls and encryption alongside encoded file name functionality. The SDRW-08U5S-U ships in Mellow Metallic, Dusty Rose, and Bright Berry color options.

The SDRW-08U5S-U employs intricate engineering to achieve a very slender 13mm side profile. In addition to making it highly attractive, the form factor contributes to easy mobility and greater usability as the SDRW-08U5S-U can be effortlessly transported and placed, making it a perfect companion for Ultrabooks and other mobile devices.

Sophisticated Zen design
Maintaining the award-winning tradition of ASUS external optical drives, the SDRW-08U5S-U incorporates design elements from products such as ASUS ZENBOOK. Meticulously-treated metallic surfaces carry a concentric-circle hairline texture, and together with the sliver-thin form factor, these Zen design concepts make the SDRW-08U5S-U a highly unique product that stands out among generic optical drives. Lively Mellow Metallic, Dusty Rose, and Bright Berry color schemes provide three stylish options.

Flexible dual-stance positioning
A built-in stand extends and tucks away neatly into the SDRW-08U5S-U in what ASUS designers refer to as a hidden stand. Customers can quickly switch between horizontal and vertical placement as desired. The integrated stand saves space and the need to carry extra accessories, further adding to convenience.

Strong data security
ASUS includes tough Disc Encryption II security on the SDRW-08U5S-U. Extensive and highly customizable password controls utilize robust encryption to keep intruders away from valuable stored data, joined by encoded file names.
Feb 16, 2011
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Did I miss where it says whether it needs a power adapter?
I'd be very surprised if it did, since other slim dvd drives I've seen get powered off of USB alone. Generally, 5.25" drives (desktop size) require external power, and these slim ones run off of USB power alone.

That also makes sense for another reason: Slim DVD drives (which get used both within laptops and within external enclosures like this) use only 5V power. USB provides 5V power. Comparatively, 5.25" DVD drives utilize a mix of 5V and 12V power, as do 3.5" hard drives. USB does not provide 12V power. It's the same reason why 2.5" hard drives can run off of USB power, but 3.5" hard drives require external power.

Additionally, these drives look attractive from what I can see :clap:.
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