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May 22, 2010
2,516 (0.69/day)
System Name m1dg3t | DeathBox | HairPi 3
Processor 3570k @ 4.0 1.15v BIOS | q9550 @ 3.77 1.325v BIOS
Motherboard Asrock z77e iTX | p5q Dlx 2301 BIOS
Cooling Custom Water | D-14 & HR-03gt | Passive HSF
Memory Samsung MV-3V4G3D 4g x 2 @ 1866 1.35v | OcZ RpR 2g x 4 @ 1067 2.2v
Video Card(s) MSi 7950 tf3 @1000 / 1350 | Asus 5870 V2 @ 900 / 1275
Storage Adata sx900 256Gb / WD 2500 HHTZ | WD 1001 FALS x 2
Display(s) BenQ gw2750hm | 46" Sharp Quatron
Case BitFenix Prodigy - m0dd3d | Antec Fusion Remote MAX
Audio Device(s) Onboard Toslink > Yamaha HTR 6290 | Xonar HDAV1.3 > Yamaha DSP z7
Power Supply Ocz mXp700w | Ocz zx850w | Cannakit 5v 2.5a
Mouse Logitech G700s | Logitech G9x - Cable Repaired
Keyboard TT Meka G1 - Black w Cherry Blacks| Logitech G11
Software Win7 Home | Xp sp3 & Vista ultimate | Raspbian
Benchmark Scores Epeen!! Who needs epeen??
yeah....cause asus pushes no bounderies ......ever

anywho get sum!!!!
Yep. They pushed my, and MANY others, customer loyalty boundry right out the focking window! All they care about is getting the money out from our pockets and into theirs.

Products working as marketed/designed? NOPE. Customer support? NOPE. Warranty? NOPE. Accept item for firmware update that should have been done prior to release and cover expenses? NOPE. Well, we'll take it in for an update but you gotta pay both ways + labour. Send customer a functioning/tested card after sent in for Firmware RMA? NOPE. Exchange item for something that works? NOPE. Refund all fees incurred? NOPE. Refund purchse price? NOPE. Willing to work with customer to rectify issue? NOPE. Willing to work with BBB to help customer reach a resolution? NOPE. Tell customer to fock off without actually saying "Fock off"? YEP. BUT only after we get their $$$ :shadedshu :shadedshu

I could go on but what for? I used Asus for years without a single problem, then BOOM! Headshot :slap: