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ASUS RTX 2060 OC not able to produce more than 40 fps in game


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Jun 11, 2021
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My ASUS RTX 2060 OC will not go above 40 FPS in either Warzone or Assassin's Creed Odessy on any graphics setting including lowest with no AA active. I have run the Heaven benchmark with similar results.
GPU-Z reports the PerfCap Reason as PWR - Originally, this hit almost 100% of the time any game was running. I had a 600 watt power supply that I thought could have been failing causing a low power to the card. I replaced that with an 850 watt gold rated supply and am still experiencing the issue.
Other diagnosis steps I have taken:
Fresh install of windows on a new NVME flash (happenstance timing) along with current nvidia drivers.
Reseating graphics card and system memory.

System specs:
Gigabyte x570 aorus pro wifi
AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
G.Skill Ripjaws ddr4-3200 16x2
Corsair 850 watt power supply

Below image shows GPU-Z sensor page during a heaven benchmark run.

I feel like I'm down to re-flashing the card BIOS which in all honesty scares me with the current card market.

Any other ideas of things that could be causing this type of issue? Am I even remotely on the right track?
Sep 2, 2020
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whats the card drawing when it is being power limited
Jun 29, 2009
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could be the hotspot temp at 108,8°
and ya could put all sensors of gpu-z under options to max values
Apr 9, 2014
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Would be great to get a couple of pictures of your system and the card, to check everything visually. No need to take it out, just a few pics of the inside of the system.


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Oct 1, 2020
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Obviously, due to hotspot 108 degrees card limits itself in half and you dont get full perfomance. Something wrong with the cooling, i guess. The only options are either you disassemble it yourself, change the paste and thermal pads, or pay somebody to do it properly. IF you still have a warranty contact some official store nearby. At such voltage as 0.91 this card must be cool and quiet, so cant imagine there is a software fix to that.
Jan 14, 2019
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Definitely something wrong with the cooling. Did you by any chance take it off for a repaste? The mounting might be wrong.

The card throttles due to the 108 °C hotspot temp. 1740 MHz is an incredibly low operating frequency, that's why you see performance loss.

Also, what's with the fans reporting 0 RPM at 47% speed? Are they spinning at all?

CPU-Z reports the performance cap reason as PWR because the "GPU Temp" is fine, even though the hotspot is way off. An average 2060's power limit is 160 Watts, you're nowhere near that value.

Based on the GPU-Z image, it looks to me like the cooler has been taken off and remounted with bad contact between the heatsink and the GPU die, and the fans aren't connected either.
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Nov 16, 2020
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Try putting an fan pushing air directly at the gpu and see if that helps. Might be starved for air. Also, a picture of your current system would help so we can see if airflow is an issue.


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Jun 11, 2021
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Thank you for the replies.

The original card fans started dying on me so I have replaced the stock cooler with and AIO water cooler solution (yes, it is a McGuivered solution but it does have 4 tensioning points connecting the cooler to the card.) I have checked the paste and feel like I have a solid mount. The memory modules all have passive heat sinks attached with a 120mm case fan blowing directly over the sinks.

Do you know where the hot spot sensor is located? I feel like I have covered all the areas the original heat sink made contact but could definitely have missed something.

I did think the hot spot temp was high, but from the few articles I found, I thought cards were able to handle temps up to around 110 degrees. Is that incorrect?

I will have to get pictures tomorrow.
Dec 16, 2012
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I'd try the original cooler (macgyver fan(s) to it if needed) to check if the problem caused by the cooling.