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ASUS RX 6700 XT Dual (BIOS problem?)


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Sep 1, 2023
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Recently I bought the ASUS RX 6700 XT Dual graphics card from AliExpress (used).


When I click on "Look Up", I am redirected to this page, showing the OC model.

As you can see, the memories are from Micron, that made it very difficult to find a Bios that worked. I tried a samsung BIOS, but it has not worked properly.
The only BIOS I found with Micron memory support that I'm using at the moment was this.

But I think this BIOS doesn't work 100% correctly, considering that the fan sensor doesn't leave 0%, and the fans don't spin when under stress (I've seen them spin a few times, but it was pretty random).

I also disabled the 0 RPM function in AMD Software.



MSI Afterburner also shows like this (can't change fan speed).


I tried reinstalling the drivers (using DDU), disabling the IGPU, and nothing worked.

Do you know if another BIOS could solve the problem? Is there a possibility to use the BIOS from another manufacturer that also uses Micron chips? Or could it be a physical problem?

Thank you very much for your time! :D
Feb 24, 2023
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System Name DLSS
Processor i5-12400F
Motherboard Gigabyte B760M DS3H
Cooling Liquid metal under the IHS + Laminar RM1
Memory 2x8 GB
Video Card(s) RX 6700 XT [main] / RX 480 8 GB Reference [backup]
Storage More than enough.
Display(s) Compit HA2704 / Viewsonic VX3276-MHD-2
Case None.
Audio Device(s) Want loud, use headphones. Want quiet, use satellites.
Power Supply Gerrymandering.
Mouse Don't disturb, cheese eating in progress...
Keyboard Makes some noise. Probably onto something.
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Software Windows 10 and 11
This one must have a BIOS switch. Switch it, reboot, see if it makes any difference.
Jan 5, 2008
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Processor Intel Core i7-975 @ 4.4 GHz
Motherboard ASUS Rampage III GENE
Cooling Noctua NH-D14
Memory 3x4 GB GeIL Enhance Plus 1750 MHz CL 9
Video Card(s) ASUS Radeon HD 7970 3 GB
Storage Samsung F2 500 GB
Display(s) Samsung SyncMaster 2243LNX
Case Antec Twelve Hundred V3
Audio Device(s) VIA VT2020
Power Supply Enermax Platimax 1000 W Special OC Edition
Software Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
Micron chips are rare, I have exact same card but with Samsung memory.

Try these:

Maybe one of them will give you working fans, assuming it's not a hardware failure.
Dec 30, 2019
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what it will show in MorePowerTool ?
(My rx 6600)


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