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ASUS Shatters Performance Barriers with Intel Z77 Chipset and 3rd gen Core i7 CPUs

Discussion in 'News' started by Cristian_25H, Apr 25, 2012.

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    ASUS continues its industry lead in performance, superior design, quality and ease of use with its latest Intel Z77 chipset based motherboards. ASUS is excited to announce our Z77 line of motherboards has reached new performance heights. These include reaching the 7 GHz clock speed threshold on the ASUS P8Z77-V DELUXE motherboard, as well as five new world records on the ROG Maximus V GENE, with more to come. These new records all showcase the benefits of ASUS' superior engineering and design, use of the finest materials and components, and industry leading user-friendly DIY features.

    Achieving 7 GHz and beyond on the P877V-DELUXE

    ASUS' internal overclocking group and performance team are excited to reach a 7 GHz CPU clock frequency on the P8Z77-V DELUXE, using a 3rd generation Intel Core i7-3770K processor with 16 GB of DDR3 clocked at 2800 MHz. Employing LN2 cooling, they were able to push the new processor to the limit and beyond, demonstrating the performance tuning abilities of ASUS Z77-based motherboards. The milestone also establishes that channel boards from ASUS are capable of very impressive overclocking feats thanks to their class leading Digi+ VRM power and control design. In addition our close cooperation with the enthusiast community has resulted in the P8Z77-V DELUXE easily exceeding 3GHz memory frequencies with all four DIMMS populated thanks to optimized trace layouts and superior UEFI tuning options.


    ROG Continues To Lead All Other Enthusiast Boards with 5 World Records

    True to the ROG creed of "Choice of Champions", the Z77-based Maximus V GENE micro ATX gaming board exceeded no less than five world performance records in a single day. This level of performance, especially in a micro-ATX motherboard shows ASUS unwavering commitment to design and the highest performing enthusiast motherboards in the market regardless of form factor. Featuring the industry leading "Extreme Engine Digi+ II" VRM technology and an exclusive ROG enthusiast class UEFI the Maximus V GENE offers unprecedented tuning and configuration parameters enabling the highest level of performance.

    The five new world records are as follows:

    - AquaMark 3: 536638 marks using a Radeon™ HD 7970 graphics card clocked at 1600 MHz core and 1900 MHz GDDR5

    - PiFast: 10.3 seconds with Intel Core i7-3770K set to 6930 MHz

    - 3DMark 2001 SE: 164589 marks using a GeForce GTX 580 clocked at 1553 MHz core and 1250 MHz GDDR5

    - SuperPi: 5 seconds 187 ms with Intel Core i7-3770K set to 6961 MHz

    - SuperPi 32M: 4 minutes 52 seconds and 953 ms with Intel Core i7 set to 6735 MHz
    (This record has not been submitted as of this writing, but has been verified internally by ASUS engineers)

    ASUS offers the best performing Z77 motherboard lineup - Period

    These accomplishments all point to the investment by ASUS in enabling better and more readily accessible performance tuning. ASUS remains fully committed to the power user and enthusiast markets, offering a range of Intel Z77-based motherboards designed for overclocking. This includes better materials, smarter layout, and tougher components, but also covers user-friendly features that make tapping computing potential easier. Select ASUS Z77-based motherboards offer exclusive features such as Wi-Fi GO! wireless enhancement, convenient USB BIOS Flashback, and Fan Xpert 2 custom cooling management. ROG motherboards, including the Maximus V GENE, go further with overclocking built into their DNA. They give users SupremeFX III audio, Intel Ethernet connection optimization, intelligent GameFirst bandwidth control, and unique mPCIe Combo expandability. They are by far the best choice for gamers and those passionate about overclocking.

    For more detailed information, please visit http://rog.asus.com/ or http://usa.asus.com/.
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    yeah at a premium price!
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    To Asus or not to live? That is the question :p
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  5. sc

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    Uhm yeah... this is how things work. You want the best you have to pay extra.
  6. red-die New Member

    Sep 13, 2011
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    So when the ridiculing of LN2 setup start
    I hope it would be a good one, saying how it is stupid of Asus to promote highly specialize OCing

    you know like how AMD ridiculed of going >8ghz


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