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Jun 25, 2021
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Hi there,

Skip to *** if you want to skip the rambling!

Well, here I am on my second build after cooking up either the motherboard, the cpu, or the result of a faulty aio. Lesson learned!

Well, I got a brand new memory, motherboard, cpu and aio which are as follows: i7-10700k, asus tuf gaming z590 and aio with three fans (it's name escapes me but it seems to be doing a good job as thermals are fine on stress tests)

*** The issue is that im now also overclocking the memory, and after seeing some choppy performance at 2133mhz (not even my 3080ti could help it! Makes me wonder if the secret is having breakthroughs in memory not GPUs! But I digress). After tinkering with the timings, I'm finding out that there's one timing which Asus simply does not mention on its BIOS (which I've already updated and gotten all driver updates): trc (active to active/refresh time, according to HWINFO64). And now that it is running well (so far) at 3200 with tight timings thanks to the settings specified on AIDA64 extreme, on the 'enthusiast' profile name, which is an overclocked memory profile, the timings indicate the following:
@ 1600 MHz 16-20-20-38 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 57-881-561-417-9-7-36 (RC-RFC1-RFC2-RFC4-RRDL-RRDS-FAW).

I've copied them all, except for RC, which according to AsRock timing configuration, it's being run at 58. This means that Asus has this on auto, but not quite getting the best number, at least not according to AIDA64. I've been trying to find this timing on the BIOS but I simply cannot find it, could it be that ASUS simply forgot to add it? I know that changing one digit might seem superfluous, but I've been reading about this and it seems some people think a single digit can make a whole lot of difference. So far, the system has been running well, only had one issue while playing RDR2, but im not quite sure if it was the game since I used to get that with my previous computer and it wasn't overclocked. Any one has a clue where to find this memory timing in order to change it?
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