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ASUS Unveils Blu-Ray Drive

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by HellasVagabond, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Taipei, Taiwan, September 5, 2007 – To cater to users who require high-performance optical drives that can enable high resolution movie playback and high capacity data backup, ASUS has released the next generation high-speed DVD rewriter – the ASUS BC-1205PT Blu-ray Drive. The BC-1205PT is a BD-ROM/DVD±R/RW/CD-RW drive that is capable of reading data from and writing data at 12X DVD+/- write, 4X DVD+/-R (DL) and 5X DVD-RAM speeds. This innovative drive utilizes a with a SATA interface that provides users with five times faster data transfer rates when compared with current DMA33 standards.

    Why Choose Blu-ray?
    Blu-ray technology allows users to utilize Blu-ray discs to store large amounts of data; 25GB for a single layer and 50GB for a dual layer disc. With such data capacities, users will have equal to 23 hours of standard definition TV or 6 hours of HD content on a single disc. This translates into 5X to 10X more data capacity than standard DVDs. With Blu-ray, users can experience the best in high resolution TV, and will enjoy a more cost-effective way to view high definition movies. Additionally, Blu-ray technology provides data transfer speeds of 4500 Kb/sec – 3 times the speed of normal DVD data transfer rates.

    Versatile Media Format Support
    The BC-1205PT offers both 12X DVD-Write and 12X DVD+Write, making it able to read and write on DVD-Writeable/Rewriteable and DVD+Writeable/Rewriteable formats. With such dual-format support, the BC-1205PT can create DVDs that can be played and read by most DVD-ROM drives and DVD players. It also allows users to utilize 6X DVD-Rewrite, 6X DVD+Rewrite, 12X DVD-ROM, 32X CD-Write, 24X CD-Rewrite, 5X DVD-RAM and 32X CD-ROM formats – providing flexible and high-speed operations.

    ASUS Unique Technology
    DDSSII – Operate with exceptional stability
    The DDSS II (Double Dynamic Suspension System II) technology is a patented anti-vibration technology from ASUS. This innovation is designed to minimize the vibration caused by the spindle motor and resonance between components as well as the drive and PC case. The ASUS DDSS II stabilizes the pick-up head both horizontally and vertically, achieving more precise tracking while reducing vibration and noise produced by high-revolution spindle motors.

    Liquid Crystal Tilt Technology – Precision on Uneven Discs
    The LCT (Liquid Crystal Tilt) technology provides enhanced pick up head accuracy during recording and playback on discs with uneven curvature and thickness, this allowing users to enjoy less skipping during disc backups and media playback.

    Smart Laser Driver – Advanced Technology For Stabilized Recording Quality
    The smart laser driver technology combines the strategy circuit into the laser driver in the OPU. The main PCB only sends the data and clock signal through the connectors and cables. Even if there is distortion in the data and clock signal, the strategy circuit in the OPU will correct these irregularities back to normal and not allow them to affect the recording quality. The Smart Laser Driver technology is the key for stable recording quality – especially for high-speed recording drives.

    Press Release ( Read for more info on Writing Speeds )
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