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ASUS Unveils New M4A78-HTPC Series Motherboards Catering Specifically to HTPC Users


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Oct 9, 2007
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ASUS, the world's leading producer of motherboards, today released its new M4A78-HTPC Series motherboards that are developed specifically for use in Home Theater Personal Computers (HTPCs). HTPCs have become more prevalent due to the vast popularity of the Internet and the ease with which content can be found, downloaded and viewed. Also, the chipset technology that supports Full HD 1080p is maturing, and large-sized widescreen LCD monitors are becoming more mainstream—allowing users to download and watch HD videos directly on their PCs. M4A78-HTPC Series motherboards are based on the AMD 780G chipset, which fully integrates HDMI/DVI support to display HD videos smoothly. Together with audio innovations like the ASUS Absolute Pitch Hi-Fi and DTS Surround Sensation UltraPC Technology, audiophiles can look forward to pure, crystal-clear sound for the most exhilarating HTPC enjoyment. Furthermore, M4A78-HTPC Series motherboards come with a user-friendly media center dubbed Home Theater Gate and a low-noise, energy efficient Tranquil Mode that offer users greater convenience and a more conducive music environment respectively.

Crystal-clear Sound Quality with ASUS Absolute Pitch Hi-Fi
As power delivery is a key determinant of audio quality, high-end receivers often utilize separate power channels or analog/digital signal separation to ensure high sound quality. The M4A78-HTPC Series are the world's first motherboards to be equipped with revolutionary ASUS Absolute Pitch Hi-Fi technology which dedicates an independent audio power connector solely to audio components. This effectively reduces electronic noise, ensuring purer sound quality. Additionally, the gold-plated RCA stereo audio connectors are compatible with amplifiers without requiring additional connectors—making it simple to link PCs to home theater equipment. Furthermore, the M4A78-HTPC supports DTS Surround Sensation UltraPC Technology for true high-definition home theater entertainment, delivering an exceptional surround experience through the most common PC audio setups—stereo speakers or headphones.

Your Gateway to True Home Entertainment!
The ASUS Home Theater Gate is a media center specially designed for the ASUS HTPC series of motherboards. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily launch the most common media applications quickly via an integrated menu that brings various media types together, including music, video, photos and Internet radio. The large icons and intuitiveness of the software make it easy for users to remote control their PCs up to 10 feet away from the monitor or TV. Furthermore, the bundled remote controller allows users to launch the music player and Internet radio, or to enter Tranquil Mode for a quieter environment, with just one touch.

Enjoy Perfect Music Environments with Lower Fan Noise
With the ASUS Tranquil Mode function, fan speeds are effectively reduced, lowering fan-generated noise by up to 28%—thus providing users with a perfect sound environment to enjoy movies and music while at the same time saving 25% power when watching movies.

Source: ASUS


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May 14, 2009
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OMG... ok dude its starting to get serious lol ill take both this for up front on the flat.
Dec 28, 2007
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ASUS is adding more AMD products now...funny:ohwell:
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WOW , it is complete media mobo , i want next one with Xonar sound and video card's based on this mobo


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Yes they are and that is a good thing. Im really liking all of their announcements :)
Sep 5, 2004
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i think MSI made a HTPC board with ampifier or was it ASUS that made a it
Apr 19, 2008
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Nice HTPC board indeed...
Feb 27, 2008
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M4A78-HTPC Series motherboards are based on the AMD 780G chipset, which fully integrates HDMI/DVI support to display HD videos smoothly
no, they're stocked with an AMD PII, which means they'll play ANYTHING smoothly, no matter the rest of the stuff!!


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May 14, 2009
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no, they're stocked with an AMD PII, which means they'll play ANYTHING smoothly, no matter the rest of the stuff!!
yeah when i saw that i was like HTPC with phenom = WOW lol maybe the Phenom X2 thats coming would be great in this.