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ATI Radeon RX9800PRO-TD128 (red board) meny problems..


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Dec 19, 2005
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Hello everyone..

I bought a ATI Radeon rx9800pro td128...
got some major problems in games...like tearings ..blicks..some textures moveing out of walls in sharp format..and those kind of stuff...but all games runs smooth no latency and no crashing just those graphic problems..

I saw all other posts in meny forums i tryed all but it doesnt work even wount hlp a bit..that made me think card is damaged...
as tryed all i mean : - giving more power to card like taking out of floopy drive power plug...and as usuall in meny forums of ati i tryed uninstaling drivers of old card (GeForcemx4) then unistaling ati drivers again,reboot install ati again...i even formated win xp service pack 2 and install it fresh and all fresh new drivers again but its the same...i tryed with catalyst tool the latest..no hlp with it...i updated all new drivers for mainboard (nvidia nForce2...wich i think is the problem maybe)...i tryed omega drivers too... i tryed turning off fast writes on agp settings in bios and catalyst tool...i think i did everything and there is no hlp...so i am really close to grab it out and smash it at the wall!!

i got issues in every game like ...CoD, Mohpa , CS , World of Warcraft and more...
but i only got problems in games nowhere else..

Anyone got same problems ?
Someone know answers to this problems ?
If u got an idea just answer ill try it as i tryed all...

Thx for reading this post..i hope You all will resolve this problem..

AMD Athlon(tm) Xp 2200+
1.80 Ghz
768 MB DDR of ram
ATI Radeon RX9800PRO-td128
HDDS722580VLAT20 80 GB HDD
Samsung CD-R/RW
Standard floppy3.5
Nvidia nForce2 ATA controller(v2.6)
MS 350W ATX P4, 12v - 12A , 5v - 25A , 3.3V - 20A toatal o/p 190W
DirectX 9.0c
WinXP pro SP2
Dec 20, 2005
245 (0.06/day)
Processor 2500K
Motherboard Asus P8Z68-V
Cooling Stock
Memory Samsung MV-3V4G3D/US 4x4 1866@99927 1.41v
Video Card(s) Sapphire 280x
Display(s) crossover
Case junk
Audio Device(s) usbstick
Power Supply enermax 82+pro 5years+ still good
Your graphic cards memory is broken. Why not simply return it ?

My new pride :)
Palit 9800 pro runnin at 250 mhz mem out of 252 max speed !
Thanx pals


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Mar 16, 2005
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Just try to downclock first memory (with min. 15MHz) and test, after that core with steps of 5-10MHz and also test. It is necessary to see whether lower clocks will help you and which exactly is the source of your problem.


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Dec 19, 2005
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you mean to downclock it at ATI tool or catalyst tool?
i tryed ati tool downclocking didnt hlp...