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ATIflash 3.79 (DOS)

Discussion in 'AMD / ATI' started by rflair, Dec 19, 2009.

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    Aug 11, 2008
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    ATIflash 3.79


       -Fix issue with flashing Atmel AT25F512B ROMs
       -Fix issue with flashing SST ROMs
       -Fix -mb flag for Evergreen series asics when modifying SSID and SSVID
       -Add support winbond W25X80A
       -Add "-lockrom" and "-unlockrom" in Atiflash to lock rom for protection
       FIX: correctly report flash error code under linux
       FIX: correctly detect PCI devices under linux
       FIX: Fixed segumentation fault when doing -pa -pavbpn on a gfx card with an invalid vbios part number
    - update RV790 DID
    - update BN number to 128
      - Add RV740
      - Fix Flash on AT25FS010N
      - Add New ROM support for Atmel AT25FS010N 
      - Fix the save function to save bios > 64K
      - Fix the RV710 flash BIOS configuration to ensure it didn't triggle CTF
      - Fix mb option to save the entire rom size if rom size is bigger than bios size
      - Add support for RV710
      - Use SCLK to flash BIOS on RV730 only (SCLK will be scaled down while flashing the BIOS)
      - Add RV730 support
      - fix pa paramter, synchornize the same behaviour as ATIWinFlash
      - Add R700 Support
      - Reduce size
      - fix corrupted zip file. Same releaes as 3.55
      - add option (excl_memtrain_dtable) to keep memory training information while flashing new bios
      - add partial check for -pavbpn
      - Add "nw" in help 
      - Add unique identifier for Ry7xx
      - Add RV770 device ID support
      - add -AMD flag to allow searching for devices with AMD vendor ID
      - update SPI write sequence to check for both WREN and BUSY bits to be deasserted before verifying the     write (solves issues seen with intermittent write failures)
      - update description for RV670 slave devices to identify uniquely on Gemini boards
      - correctly print Old and New P/N when flashing with newer bioses
      - explicitly identify RV635 ASICs
      - fix problems with GPIO19 asserting the CTF signal on RV670 boards
      - fix problems with crashes on some systems when flashing onto blank ROMs
      - added -pavbpn (allows the use of -pa with VBIOS PN)
      - added support for new ROM used by multimedia cards (Quito and Lima)
      - fix -mb command for Ry6xx
      - fix Ry6xx SST support
      - fix RV610 + Rialto hang issue
      - fix RV610 write issue
      - Add Quito support
      - resolved -i/-ai corruption issue
      - -ai now displays full PCI ID information
      - ATMEL flash procedurce redesigned for stability/reduced overall flash time
      - -ai -scansii combination will report SST/ATMEL firmware revision
      - internal release
      -add flashing over 128KB
      -resolved pak issues with SST/ATMEL
      -update device ID support for RV630/M76 & 0x000 for Ry6xx
      -add new option -pak to build flash package
    [3.28] 11/02/06
      -add new option -fa to force flashing if the ROM is already programmed
      -add new option -fm to force flashing if legacy memory config mismatch
      -add new option -fs to force flashing if SSID mismatch
      -add new option -fp to force flashing if BIOS P/N mismatch
      -add new command -pa to search and program multiple adapters according to
       BIOS P/N
      -add new option -padevid to search for adapters of a specific PCI device
       ID when used with -pa command
      -add new option -passid to search for adapters of a specific subsystem
       ID when used with -pa command
      -add new option -pasvid to search for adapters of a specific subsystem
       vendor ID when used with -pa command
    Older revisions
    [3.00]  09/08/04
      - initial release
    [3.01]  09/16/04
      - adjust bus scanning sequence
    [3.02]  09/30/04
      - add Rialto support
    [3.03]  10/19/04
      - fix issues for Rialto
    [3.04]  12/01/04
      - remove 32K limit for Rialto
    [3.05]  12/09/04
      - add RN50 support
    [3.06]  03/03/05
      - fix issue in flashing secondary adapters
    [3.07]  03/15/05
      - fix SST support with -sst option
      - fix infinite looping on write failure
    [3.08]  04/05/05
      - display BIOS P/N in -i option
    [3.09]  04/29/05
      - add -mi command to modify SSID in ROM image
      - add support R530
    [3.10]  09/30/05
      - support write-protected sector on 128k serial flash ROMs
      - add RIO support
    [3.11]  11/11/05
      - mask out GENERICD pad output register clear to avoid setting VDDC on A520xx-20 PCB
    [3.12]  11/14/05
      - add verified LIMA support
    [3.13]  02/03/06
      - add new option -mb for modifying BIOS SSID, SVID, BIOS P/N and bootup message
    [3.14] 02/13/06
      - add update SiImage firmware
    [3.15] 02/24/06
      - add support for Warhol (RV570/M68/RV560/M67) device IDs
      - mask out GPIO[6..3] clear to avoid overwriting MVP settings on RV570/RV560
    [3.16] 04/24/06
      -allow autodetect and/or pin specification for SiImage firmware updating
    [3.17] 05/23/06
      -fix issues with sst ROMs
    [3.18] 05/26/06
      -fix SiImage Firmware update issue
    [3.19] 06/02/06
      -improve SiImage Firmware process
    [3.20] 06/09/06
      -Add new options, -reboot, -pci, -pcie, -agp, -noagp, -nopcie
      -Fix SiI1930 Mobile FW Update issues
      -add new command -ai, advanced information
      -add new options -log, -logappend
      -reformat help menu, help menu appears with use of -h, /h, -? or /?
      -add display more BIOS information when flashing
      -add reboot message when flashing completed successfully
      -fix minor message issue
      -Update Lima Support
      -Add RV550/M71 Support

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