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Atiflash says no device!! pls help


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Jul 9, 2006
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I have serious problem!

Atiflash (3.15) says there is no device! (I type atiflash -i)
I flashed me Sapphire 1800 GTO with many bioses. Lately I had used 1800XT bios it worked. Then I have made changes in bios using Rabit (v2.1.0). I change Device ID from 7100 (XT) to 710A (GTO). After Flashing, system boots fine, but when it comes to load Windows Graphic Interface monitor turn off. System works fine because I’m able to operate it (blind). Reinstalling of system will not help.

I try to flash back, but atiflash says there is no device!!:banghead:
Pls help me.

My spec: AMD am2 1.8Ghz; 1GB Ram 667; Sapphire 1800GTO 256MB