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Batman - Arkham Asylum (X360)


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Aug 29, 2004
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Ive been playing this all day and it has 'Game Of The Year' written all over it!

The visuals and audio are outstanding, even on the old 360 (I can only imagine how good it would look with PhysX etc enabled on a good gaming rig :eek:)

The storyline is superb and you dont even have to be a Batman ubergeek to understand whats going on or what you need to do.

Apart from the awesome 'FreeFlow' fighting system (that truely lets you kick the snot out of multiple henchmen at any one time) you have some great 'Riddler' puzzles to solve and a large variety of Batmans favourite gadgets to play with (I currently have the standard Grapnel Gun, Batarang, Explosive Gel and the Batclaw....plus 5 more weapon slots to fill :D)

I dont want to say too much because it will spoil the fun (like taking out Bane with the Bat Mobile :eek: ), but from what Ive seen so far (22% of the game), this is a must own title.

I will try to post some screenshots (if anyone wants me to?)
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Mar 24, 2007
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yea its a great game i really luv it i always checked batman cartoons
so its awesome game

but the demo of the PC had beter visauls