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BenQ Introduces New RL2455HM Gaming Monitor With Blazing-Fast Response Time

Discussion in 'News' started by Cristian_25H, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Dude ffs! Why do you think Intel said that overclocking voids your warranty? Exactly because it shortens the lifespan of your CPU!!! A CPU is designed to work between certain limits. Guess what TurboBoost is now? It overclocks your CPU for a certain amount of time because of thermal concerns and because of this. Your monitor is designed to work exactly like that. For certain amounts of time. No matter how much you play a game you won't be playing it 24/7. What's so hard to understand? I am not saying your monitor will blow up because of this I am saying it will break faster because of it...

    But whatever. Everything you say on TPU must and will be turned into a long argument it seems, in which you will be attacked for expressing an opinion. Especially if you're trying to help out...
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    You both have points though. Can electronics run fast? Oh yes. Will they degrade faster? Probably yes, but that varies from chip to chip.
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    Is it me or LCD's don't flicker?!? For the love of God 60Hz on CRT is NOT the same this as 60Hz on LCDs....
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    This keeps rolling on because you keep bringing up new strawmen arguments. Anyway, here goes:

    - Overclocking is not the same as running a component at stock. You're running it faster than designed to for greater performance, so will therefore wear it out faster. No one here is suggesting that you run the monitor out of spec to get more performance out of it. LB is a stock feature which is designed to run 24/7, see below.

    - The nvidia driver has the standard option to run the monitor 24/7 like this. It's called "Always run in 3D mode". nvidia wouldn't allow this if it was asking the monitor to do anything it wasn't designed for that shortened its life.

    I hope that clears this up for you?

    Indeed it's not. Nowhere near.

    However, all LCD monitors do actually flicker! They oscillate the pixels to avoid them wearing out quickly. However, the way the pixels are phased prevents any visible flicker from being seen. Video test programs can show up this oscillation by putting out patterns that will flicker. Because different monitors implement this differently, different patterns are required to show this. I did it once on my monitor ages ago and it was quite freaky!

    EDIT: LightBoost makes an LCD monitor flicker in a very similar way to a CRT since the backlight is strobed. It's the shear speed of 120Hz that stops this being a problem and hence no eyestrain. If it was strobing at just 60Hz, then you would see that flicker and get eyestrain from it.
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    Another 1080p monitor? Sadness.
    hellrazor says thanks.
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