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Best motherboard to complement a 5000BE?

Discussion in 'System Builder's Advice' started by Black Panther, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Black Panther

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    This is going to be a 'budget' gaming build, in which I'll put an 8800GT and a 550W PSU (both of which currently form part of my own desktop).

    I have spare DDR2 800Mhz as well, so what I need to buy essentially is just a mobo and a case...

    I would like your suggestions for a mobo which would enable me to oc the 5000BE reasonably using aftermarket air cooler.
    I dunno if I'm saying something stupid (I am not much up to date on AMD.... :eek:) but is the only choice of mobo that of an AM2+ socket or perhaps do mobos which take DDR3 still be compatible with the 5000BE?

    Btw, it's quite likely that unless I find a better deal I'd have to choose from the motherboards here...

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  2. TheLaughingMan


    May 7, 2009
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    Yes, AM2 or AM2+ are the only board options. Please note AM3 chips will work in an AM2 socket as well so boards labelled AM3/AM2+ are also perfectly ok.

    AMD's memory controller is built into the processor so DDR2 is the only RAM a 5000 BE will be able to handle.

    This was a nice board, full of options, good OC, and is currently in stock on that site.


    I would wait for other to chime in because they may know a better place to shop in the UK.

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