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Best OS/Software solution for a Media Server


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Oct 23, 2007
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And what I'm referring to here is slightly different than what I think the general conception of a media server is.

What I have:
2 Xbox 360s, 1 PS3, 3 different rooms, all connected via router. In addition to this, I have two desktops, three laptops connected on this same network. In addition to that, I have another desktop that was recently built from "extra" parts, and is now being used as a network storage device. It currently has Server 2008 Enterprise on it, and I love Server 2008, but I've had some difficulty finding what I want...

What I want to be able to do:
I used to stream media to my ps3s/xboxs with Tversity via my computer's storage. I also tried winamp, and my roommate tried one other software that was a piece of junk that I don't remember it's name. We currently have files of all types, ranging from mkv to vbo to mp4 to oog. Granted, this is going to be used 98% of the time for video, not audio, so I'm honestly not concerned over the audio capabilities. I have around 800gigs of backed up movies, some in HD, some not, all stashed on this server's secondary HDD.

So, in conclusion, I would like an OS/Software solution that I can install on my hallway computer. I would prefer to remain in a server-based environment, as later down the road I plan on learning utilities that unix/server 08 builds have. I am -not- a professional by any means, but am willing to learn.

One of the main problems I've encountered in my search has been file type restrictions. I do -not- mind at all converting every video file I have into one or two formats, but I -must- be able to stream HD format (at least 720p) to the Xboxs/ps3s.

Are there any suggestions or solutions out there? Again, this is primarily going to be used as a media server, so I don't mind getting rid of server 08 or not going to a unix based system, but it IS preferable.