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bfg 7950 gt oc


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May 24, 2006
1,592 (0.38/day)
System Name CrashMaster 17.2/ crashmaster(M) ROG
Processor CD2 E8400@4.0 ghz/ i5 430@ 2.577 mhz
Motherboard EVGA 680i/ patogram inc intel north bridge
Cooling Monsoon vigor gaming II/ fan and vents
Memory 4 gig OCZ pc8500 DDR2/ 4 gigs ddr3
Video Card(s) 2 X EVGA 8800gts 512 735/1045/nvidia 360 gtsm gddr5
Storage 2 X WD 150 Raptors Raid 0+600gig usb/ 500 gig hitachi
Display(s) Samsung 2232 bw Sync Master 22" HD/16.9 inch asus
Case Enermax uber chakra/ asus republic of gamers
Audio Device(s) Creative SB X-FI 5.1 speakers/creative eax 4.0
Power Supply OCZ extream Gaming 650 watt 4x18a/ external
Software Dos 6.22/ win 3.11 for networks/ms bob server
Benchmark Scores 3dmark06 18,201/10601 3dmark05 23,943/not run Aquamark 218,094/not run
ok still not real happy about a poor raid dirver But the new mother board is looking good I had to settel for a 7950 gt oc from bfg but it looks beautiful running at 565/1500 stock it gave me a first run of 5100+ on 3dmark 06 without over clocking the cpu or bumping up the video this is far better than I expected :)
but the fact that I have 640 gigs of harddrive and only 157x2 showing errr not happy with that