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BIOS and Windows see 8Gigs, Cpu-z 16


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Jul 17, 2012
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System Name POWERFUL
Processor AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition 3.4GhZ Deneb
Motherboard Asus M5A97 Pro
Cooling Stock Processor Fan &HS; General Red LED Fans *2 EzCool fan *1
Memory Corsair Vengance 8GB Dual Channel BLACK
Video Card(s) Msi R6770 (AMD 6770 Chip) HDMI VGA DVI 1GB --800mhz core
Storage 250gb Hitatchi Travelstar SATA
Case EzCool K5-715B Gaming Case with Red Interior
Audio Device(s) Built in Mobo ; Dolby 7.1 Digital
Power Supply Corsair CMPSU-700GUK Gaming Series GS700 High Performance 700W Power Supply
Software Windows 7 Ultimate
I 'THINK' its the dual channel config thats the issue. Try turning it off..


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Jan 28, 2012
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Concord, NH
System Name Kratos
Processor Intel Core i7 3930k @ 4.5Ghz
Motherboard ASUS P9X79 Deluxe
Cooling Corsair H100i V2
Memory G.Skill DDR3-2133, 16gb (4x4gb) @ 9-11-10-28-108-1T 1.65v
Video Card(s) MSI AMD Radeon R9 390 GAMING 8GB @ PCI-E 3.0
Storage 2x120Gb SATA3 Corsair Force GT Raid-0, 4x1Tb RAID-5, 1x500GB
Display(s) 1x LG 27UD69P (4k), 2x Dell S2340M (1080p)
Case Antec 1200
Audio Device(s) Onboard Realtek® ALC898 8-Channel High Definition Audio
Power Supply Seasonic 1000-watt 80 PLUS Platinum
Mouse Logitech G602
Keyboard Rosewill RK-9100
Software Ubuntu 17.10
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What happens when you run only 3 DIMMs? Does CPU-Z show one slot empty and does Windows still report 8Gb? I've been reading that a lot of people who had a similar issue resolved it by changing the order of the memory.

Would it happen to be a quad-channel memory kit? (I know the rig doesn't use quad-channel, but you can still throw 4 DIMMs in.)

Also does running it at 1066 make any difference?

Agreed, it does seem to be an issue with dual-channel not I'm not aware of anyway to turn it off in the Asus BIOS.
DIMM slots are wired to the CPU socket, you can't run 4 DIMMs on one channel. It is physically impossible with how it's implemented. There should be two different colors for DIMM slots, try two DIMMs on one color and the same DIMMs on the other color. If it fails to boot on one color, the channel isn't working for one reason or another. You can do it this way because the slots, as I said, are wired directly to their respective channels. Memory channels are not switched to the best of my knowledge.
Jul 17, 2012
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Thanks for your reply.

If I put DIMMS in slots 1 and 3 then it shows 8GB. If I put DIMMS in slots 2 & 4 then it shows 8GB. If I put DIMS in slots 1 & 2 or 3 & 4 it only shows 4GB.

All slots how active in the BIOS monitor section and CPU-Z finds them but both the BIOS and the OS only show 8GB.

I took the using MeMTest which seems to show that slots 2 & 4 are full but not not mapped.

I think it's an issue with the 1206 BIOS. I've tried rearranging the DIMMS and adding them in a different order with no joy.