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Biostar's Intel P55 Lineup Detailed


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Oct 9, 2007
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With Intel's LGA-1156 Ibex-Peak platform weeks away from launch, like most major motherboard vendors, Biostar its compatible motherboard lineup ready, top to bottom. The company has at least three motherboards based on the Intel P55 chipset for the first wave, two in its mid-range T-Series, and one high-end T-Power series. The lineup starts with the T-Series T5 XE, continues with T-Series TP55 XE, and ends with the T-Power I55.

The T-Series T5 XE is a low-frills model that relies on the chipset's stock feature-set for the most part. The CPU is powered by a 4+2 phase power circuit, and the memory by a 2-phase circuit. The expansion slots are standard issue, two PCI-E 2.0 x16 slots that are electrically x8 when both are populated with video cards, two each of PCI-E x1 and legacy PCI, six SATA II ports routed to the chipset, an additional controller driving the IDE, one gigabit Ethernet connection, and 8-channel audio. Simple anodized aluminum heatsinks cool the chipset and a portion of the board's VRM area.

The TP55 XE builds on the feature-set of its little sibling with a larger, differently laid-out PCB. It features a 4+4 phase CPU power circuit, has angled SATA II ports, a PCI-E x4 slot to replace one of the PCI-E x1 slots, a FireWire controller, optical and co-axial digital I/O connections for the onboard audio, anodized aluminum heatsinks over the chipset and complete coverage for the CPU VRM area. Interestingly, you see a cosmetic heatsink placeholder, something that gets occupied in the next model, the TPower I55.

The TPower I55 is Biostar's premium offering, and features high-grade components along with possible exclusive overclocker-friendly features. The CPU is powered by a lavish 12-phase power circuit, with 3-phase power for the four DDR3 memory slots. It further builds on the feature-set of the TP55 XE, with debug LEDs, CrossFireX and SLI support, two gigabit Ethernet connections, and an additional controller providing two eSATA ports apart from the six internal ports routed to the P55 PCH. To give it an exclusive feel, the black PCB goes with an elaborate set of heatsinks interconnected by heatpipes. Between the heatsinks over the P55 PCH and the VRM is a cosmetic heatsink. While this doesn't directly cool any hot component, it helps the other heatsinks dissipate heat. Biostar's lineup will be up for grabs in the first half of September.

Sources: TechConnect Magazine, PCWorld France


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May 10, 2009
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Damn i love biostart boards i'm very tempted by theses offerings.
Mar 9, 2008
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I got the i45 tpower and must pretty impressed with it so far and it takes a lot for me to say that as I have nearly always used ASUS and they never let me down.

What I like about the biostar is the user friendly bios setup they have. The layout of the board is also user friendly.

Driver install are also made easier.
Mar 7, 2007
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I got the i45 tpower and must pretty impressed with it so far and it takes a lot for me to say that as I have nearly always used ASUS and they never let me down.

What I like about the biostar is the user friendly bios setup they have. The layout of the board is also user friendly.

Driver install are also made easier.
yeah, I currently have the tpower i45 and 600+fsb is easy with it once you know the settings it requires, running 24/7 with it at 595 fsb and it's solid to the point I think the processor is actually the weak link and it's a decent but not great e8600!
Feb 18, 2005
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Another TPower I45 owner here who's very happy with the board. It's got everything I want without crappy "Added value" extras like FireWire, and an excellent layout to boot. Biostar are evidently smart enough to realise that the percentage of people wanting to do tri-SLI on P55 is in the single-digit region, and have thus optimised the layout of their boards so that dual-slot video cards will fit nicely.

They still need to get rid of the floppy drive connector tho...
Apr 6, 2009
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I got the i45 tpower and must pretty impressed with it so far and it takes a lot for me to say that as I have nearly always used ASUS and they never let me down.

What I like about the biostar is the user friendly bios setup they have. The layout of the board is also user friendly.

Driver install are also made easier.
That board has the worst bios that I have ever used, by far. 0.025v steps in VCC, VTT, and vNB thats insane. To make things worse you can't even fine tune your cpu and nb GTL. I couldn't imagine running a quad especially with four occupied dimms like I do on that board. Ram support is pathetic and their bios support is horrific as well. I can't believe that there was only like 2 bios revisions for that board. It may be a good board for benching a dual but for 24/7 overclocks my P5Q Deluxe which didn't cost me much more like eight months ago is much better. I could run my e8400 at the same clocks at lower voltages, nevermind what my Q9650 and 8gb of ram are running that wouldn't happen on the tpower. That was a budget board at an enthusiast price point with budget bios support. Based on my experience with that board I will never buy a biostar board that isn't dirt cheap and I mean DIRT CHEAP again.

Sorry had to vent I really hated that board. I bought it and sold it in under two weeks.


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Dec 11, 2006
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Biostar is a great co. I have a Tpower i45 and they NEVER update the bios.

they finally got around to updating the i45 bios and the board was a lot better, actually use able now.
Sep 6, 2008
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it looks like a gigabyte board with the color choices :eek:
Jul 20, 2009
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They make some great boards .. though ugly color themes!
seems they don't care for or don't have an aesthetics Dept. :laugh: