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Black Holes

Jul 5, 2013
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It will reach c, the “speed of light,” the default speed of the universe.
This is incorrect. Light speed is the default speed of EMR.
We are observing outward scalar motion between all points from the perspective of a fixed 3D spacial reference frame that we call reality. We are inside a gravitational limit. That motion is scalarly away from ALL points (conjugate of gravity).
That statement assumes that gravity is the fundamental force of the universe. It is not.
This has been addressed. Doppler shift, Red shift, same principle, are explained by motion in time in addition to motion in space.
That statement assumes time is a constant and that it is consistent. It isn't and is not.
I would suggest you stop arguing why something can’t be and start asking ‘HOW can this be?’
That statement assumes that such a postulation has not taken place. It has. It also assumes that General and Special relativity are perfectly correct. They are not.