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[Case Gallery] BLUE FREEZER



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At start sorry for language bug's but im Polish case modder ;). Inside my "Blue Freezer" are: MB:Asrock 939Dual-SATA2 ( Vcore Mod VID4 , Vdimm Mod ),(Bios 1.80),(Cooling NB: Zalman ZM-NB47J +4x4cm megacooler 7,1CFM , SB:Akasa AK-210) , HT 2x900Mhz/16bit > CPU: A64 Venice DH-E6 (0613) 3000+@???? 9x300=2700Mhz 1,525V ( max tested 9x314 1,55V > Stable ) > CPU Cooler "AC Freezer 64 Pro" Modded 12x12cm Akasa "IN" + 8x8cm SuperRed "OUT" > MEMORY: Kingmax Hardcore ( Hynix D5 ) 2x512Mb PC4000 500Mhz@540Mhz 3-3-3-9 2T 3,31V ( A64Tweaker "180" Divider )with Active Cooling by "Spire Blue Led" fan > MSI 7900 GTO 512mb 1,1ns @ already tested to 701/1726 but its not max > Samsung SP1213 120GB SATA + Seagate 320GB SATA2 ;) > PIONEER 111DBK @ 111L > PSU: Chieftec CFT-560-A12C Cable Management >>>>> CASE: Tracer 979 Phantom "Blue Freezer" mod > AIR COOLED BY : Arctic Cooling Pro 2L 8x8cm ( Top ), Boxer 12x12cm 120CFM Max ( front down > HDD cooling ), Cooler Mate 12X12cm CMT-ALF12A (Back Up), Akasa blue Led 8x8cm( Front 2x5,25" Window ), Spire 8x8cm ( Memory ), Boxer 12x12cm 120CFM Max ;) ( side window ), Akasa Extractor UV Blue.>>>>> UV Sensitive Blue IDE/SATA/FDD Cables , Two Sunbeam 28cm UV cathodes . Chieftec DT5000 "Thermal Killer" Panel .

My moddifications in this case : adding a hole on top of case , adding a hole and window with new power and reset switches and power diode on front down plastic part of case , increasing the air flow by cutting holes in metal part of case in front and back , Added( 36cm x 35cm x 4mm ) side window with hole for 12x12cm fan for GPU cooling , adding window at front in place of 2x5,25" , painted whole skeleton of case , additional parts and DVDRW and FDD with black mat. spray paint , >>> Still modding so its not end ;). Also i was getting lot of fun with keeping all these cables hidden to improove air flow .

My idea was build a Air Cooled PC for gaming and daily use with 100% stability , and low temperatures with low noise at daily use and with power to cool all that parts at maximum OC or at stability testing or benchmarking .

Standard temperatures: CPU(Idle-gaming 27*C-38*C) max.42*C ;)),NB(24*C-32*C),GF7900 38-52*C, Kingmax Memory Module 27-34*C. My SuperPI 1M max score is 31.515s. If you have any questions or sugestions please contact with me at kencho-1@wp.pl . Fots are bad quality because i only have my Siemens cx65 to make them. Real it looks much better ;) . All that parts was installed , and mounted by Me , and all mod's are done also by Me , without any help :) Thanks for Voting , except that jealousy assholes who gives ones for my mod . Thanx also for posting your opinions , and sugestions .

All Photos from evolution of this case can be downloaded from:


included fresh photos, maked 10.11.2006 ;)

Soon i will update photos in gallery
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Jul 10, 2005
1,737 (0.27/day)
System Name death machine
Processor intel 6600 quad core cooled by scythe mutgen 2
Motherboard dfi lanparty UT P35-T2R
Cooling air
Memory crucial ballistic tracer 4 gb
Video Card(s) nvida 260 gtx
Storage segate baracuta 500 GB , western digital blue 1TB
Display(s) asus 23.6 vh242h
Case lian-li pc-a70 full tower
Power Supply 650 watt Antec Earth Watts
Software windows 7 and lots of other titles
that is sooooooooooo nice that must have cost a lot



I like your Artic Cooling fans. I used the same fan in my PC. They are soooo quiet.


DR.Death> It all costs about 690euro , but some parts was in my previous PC based on Athlon Mobile 2500 ( like HDD , FDD , CDRW , PSU and CASE ) so it was not buyed all at the same time .

Italy_14> I agree . Arctic Cooling are very guiet especially whet sets to medium or low speed . My favourite case fan's are AC Fan PRO 2L ( without crappy TC but with MANUAL RPM controll low/med/high > 1500/2000/2500RPM ) .

I performed some modifications today :

Increased window size to 27x31cm ( one hour of hard work with cuting this metal ) , and replaced fan on graphic card ( installed at that top zalman heatsink it gives me -6*C at GPU at maximum load when gaming ( pevious was 61*C now after two hours of playing Dungeon Siege 2 at maximmum settings , and quick look to win with ALT-TAB it was 55*C at Systool :)

It can be see at last two photos .

Thanx for voting , and posting opinions .

I will add some new photos tommorow , because now battery in my phone is dying , and want some food ;) and also i must be at legs tommorow morning at 7AM ( now ist 1:00 in Poland :) ).

see ya

Edited By Kencho-1 :

Jealousy asshole who give "1" > show me your work and prove its better than mine , and mine deserve that "1" score > post your opinion why its that bad scored . Anyone who make some mod's in his case deserve for something better than "1" because in must work for that design of his case with own hands . I dont understand that kind of jealousy people .

Some new pictures added . i will update them all soon .
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Soon i will Upload new photos of some new mods applied in this case :

> Case was painted with black mat. spray: inside , and outside ;)

> added bigest window what can be installed on that side panel ( 36x35cmx4mm ) ;)

> Added window on front of case !!

> added two sunbeam 28cm UV catodes

> Added UV reactive blue SATA (TT) and IDE (Revoltec) cables

Edited By Kencho-1 > Updated Signature , info , and photos are available .

I'm still working on that case and its not end ;)

New Gadgets was Installed ;)

New Photos are available ;)

All Photz from my HDD :


Unfortunatelly almost all votes of this case was disapear , so please vote again . ;)
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