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Boost performance on ASUS N6600 TD Agp


New Member
May 26, 2005
1,085 (0.23/day)
Colorado, United States
Processor AMD Opteron 148 at (hope) 3.0ghz
Motherboard MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum with Nforce 3 Ultra
Cooling XP-90C (CPU), A400 (Graphics), 8 case fans, 92mm Tornado
Memory 2gb OCZ Gold DDR500 dual-channel
Video Card(s) Leadtek 6800GT near UEE speed (448core/1.18memory)
Storage 2x 80gb WD 7,200rpm 8mb cache Caviar SATA 150 in RAID 0
Display(s) (2 soon) Samsung Syncmaster 172N 17" LCD
Case Atrix black case with A LOT of mods
Audio Device(s) Motherboard
Power Supply Aspire 520w tri-fan blue LEDs
Software Windows XP Home, Office 2003 Professional Edition
Go ahead and download rivatuner first, it's a good (not great, although it has plenty of features) overclocking program. Then I say download ATItool, it also works with some Nvidia cards, and it's the best overclocking tool I ever used. If you have an Nforce chipset (motherboard), you can download Ntune from Nvidia, it's the 2nd best overclocking utility out there.