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Borderlands clubhouse

Feb 24, 2010
1,322 (0.46/day)
System Name CM masterRace
Processor i7 6700k @ 4.7ghz
Motherboard Biostar z170gt7
Cooling Corsair h100
Memory 32gb Gskill ddr4 @3000mhz
Video Card(s) Evga gtx1080 ftw
Storage Samsung 840 250gb ssd
Display(s) Acer 24"
Case CM mastercase 5
Power Supply Thermaltake toughpower 750w gold
Mouse Logitech g502
Keyboard CM trigger
Software Windows 10 (64 bit)

As the title states, this is all about borderlands. maybe a year and some late, but oh well.

mostly, I am kinda lonely playing by myself (well occasionally with Highway), so here we are.

My aim is to make this a gathering place for those who still play this title, specifically for players looking to farm (crawmerax= win), those looking for help with the game/ power-leveling, and those looking for a specific weapon (legendaries, pearls, etc).

what I DON'T want to see here is those looking to mod the game (willow tree weapon mods etc). if that's your thing, that's cool, but keep it to yourself.

I am personally looking for farming buddies to fight crawmerax. I want the pearls, and I just can't get them to drop. I do solo him a lot, so if there is a legendary you are looking for (other than pearls) I probably have it, and can most definitely get it if you'd like.

I don't plan on making a formal members list, however I am willing to keep up a sort of classifieds type deal for those looking for specific guns (here in the first post) remember, NO MODDED GUNS!!
Jan 25, 2011
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Cyprus but i'm English
I have a pirated version but i could connect to you if you had the software that lets me play online. I would love to start a new char or something with you i used to play it on console and atm i haven't got a high lvl char because i've completed it twice on xbox and thought i'd download it and play a bit. If you need someone i can lvl up quickly to help you.