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Bottleneck ?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by vrm4, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. vrm4 Guest

    I got a new cpu (3700+ KACAE ) from a 3700+ (CCBWE) and my oc has gone from 2.55 on the ccbwe to 2.83 (283 x 10, ram 1:1, so far).
    Does anyone know at what point my X800gto in my sig will become a bottleneck in this system?
    I have got this new cpu to boot @ 2.97 (270 x 11) , but haven't messed with it enough yet to try to get it stable and it took alot more volts (+.25) to get it even to boot.
    I do want to go for the 3ghz screenshot, but if I can't utilize the speed, I might as well back it off abit and run cooler, plus I'm pretty sure the AC64 wouldn't be up to the cooling task of running that speed, with those volts 24/7 anyways.
    any thoughts on the bottleneck ? or help with any stability secrets I may not have tried?
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    nope you shouldnt have no bottleneckage at all the further your cpu goes the more it will be helping in games just have fun messing around with the speeds but dont go much more that 1.65v max on the cpu :p and see what you can get your memory to top out at
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