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Apr 8, 2007
44 (0.01/day)
Eastern US
Processor C2D E6400 @ 2.66
Motherboard Gigabyte 965P-DS3
Cooling 120mm In x 120mm out
Memory Corsair Twin2X1024-6400C4 DDR2-800C4
Video Card(s) Sapphire X1950XT w/ Omega 3.8.33
Storage 1x74gb Raptor & 1x 80gb 7200/16mb SATA
Display(s) NEC 19" CRT
Case Cooler Master Mid ATX
Power Supply Silverstone DA-750
Whats up guys... Hey, Got a question about a router/Adaptor Combo I just installed... I just put a WMP300N adaptor in a system and now I'm getting the BSOD.. I cant figure if I'm getting a conflict somewhere or the adaptor just isnt playing nice the the mobo and internals... I just loaded the latest Firmware in the router and updated the drivers on the Adaptor, No Help.. Moved the adaptor to a diff PCI slot and no help...Only thing I can think of is some old drivers laying around in there causing a conflict? Any Ideas...?

The system its in is a AMD 64 3000 Venice
N4SLI-A9 Mobo
GeForce 6600GT
And I cant remember the Rest lol:D
I'll post up Drivers and full specs soon... Just wanted to see if anyone had seen this?

BIOS : NSLIA301 3/1/06
GeForce 6600GT :Forceware 93.71
WRT300N: Firmware 1.03.06
Win XP SP2
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