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Call of Duty Sreies

Jan 2, 2006
42 (0.01/day)
Processor Intel celeron coppermine-T @1.0Ghz
Motherboard Serverworks NB6536
Cooling Stock air aluminum
Memory 256 MBytes dimm
Video Card(s) Radion 7500 @240/200
Storage 2X 20Gig 7500 RPM
Display(s) insignia 17" Black
Case Stock black atx midtower
Audio Device(s) Creative labs soundbaster live 24 bit
Power Supply Dell 180 Watt
Software windows XP Pro
Well i have been getting the call of duty series for about 2 years now as they came out. i have to say what a great series! anyone who is looking for a good war game check out these!:rockout: it takes place in the WWII timeframe.:twitch: you control the russians (soviets at the time), British army, and american army. the enemy are the Nazi's:shadedshu :slap: :nutkick: Highly Recommended.:cool: