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Can I trust this site?


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Jun 3, 2009
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I wanna buy an extra 6 cell battery for my netbook, however asus hasn't made them separately available to the public. I was redirected by other forums to check out this site:


Has anyone ever ordered from this site? Was your product legit and in working order?

Heres the battery I'm getting also by the way:


Next question: I'm going to get the 1st one or the 3rd one. The price between them is a couple dollars and thats because they have a few different values for their voltage. If I get it which one should I buy?

Thanks. Happy Holidays! :toast:


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Apr 12, 2006
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my thought is this....

guessing its the cheapest on the web, you are left with paying more or possibly getting a dodgy part. While I have no experiences with this etailer, they are Paypal verified. I would pay them with a credit card via Paypal if you have doubts. This way you have a 2 pronged defense if it goes belly up. One way or another, you either get a good product, or you do a chargeback via your credit card company.
Dec 27, 2007
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Questionable and suspicious usually leads to BS. I tried to look them up on Resellerratings.com and couldn't find anything.

If the price beats Ebay, buy safely w/PayPal.
Aug 10, 2007
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this is a site thats reccomended from the manufacture that we order our laptop batteries from for our customers at our store.

not sure if your only intrested in price but energy + batteries all have a 12 month warranty on them and this site actually posts their toll free contact number on the top of their site easy to read, i feel alot more confident in that then the site you posted... just my opinion though.

Sep 5, 2009
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I’ve actually developed 3 sites like this for friends who sell laptop batteries. 1 still exists but I won’t refer anyone to them because they take forever to ship things out to people.

As a web developer and designer…static images of paypal verification etc… throws up an instant red flag to me. The html you get is supposed to link to another page showing your information.

Adding a battery to the cart also shows me there is no HTTPS meaning it’s not secured if you were to purchase the battery with a credit card (and that particular site entices you to get a 2% for using paypal) obviously telling me that the merchant terminal they have charges more fees per transaction than Paypal does. I would avoid sites like that based on what I don’t see.

That batteryweb site is legit as could be. I know a few co-workers and clients who’ve purchased from that site. And I know that their credentials are legit. Your best bet.