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Carmack talks at QuakeCon

Discussion in 'News' started by D_o_S, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. D_o_S

    D_o_S Moderator

    Aug 27, 2005
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    John Carmack delivered his annual keynote at QuakeCon this year, but didn't really have much to say.

    There was no grand unveiling or anything similar, but merely a few interesting comments:
    • The next Id software game will be another FPS, but will be more original and will focus on gameplay over graphics. It will be new IP, rather than another Doom or Wolfenstein. It will use megatextures, which are scheduled to debut in Enemy Territory.
    • Carmack called Quake 3 the most 'pure' game he had produced.
    • He wants to stick to producing games that his team are familiar developing, but lamented that development tools haven't really moved on much in the last few years.
    • Carmack's cell phone games, such as the Doom RPG, could end up on the Nintendo DS.
    • The complexity of games and engines today is stifling the mod community.
    Source: Bit-tech
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  2. The Nemesis New Member

    Nov 13, 2005
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    Mansfield, TX
    He may not have had much to say, but alot of what he said was way over my head:) I enjoyed hearing him speak. He seemed like just one of the guys who grew up on atari, colleco, & amiga's and still getting his game on. Quakecon seemed alot smaller this year, with fewer vendors. Seemed a bit rushed or thrown together. All in all I had fun though. Especially since my pc won Dells Fastest Gaming PC contest and landed me a dell 24 in LCD:toast:
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  3. Alec§taar New Member

    May 15, 2006
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    Someone who's going to find NewTekie1 and teach hi
    Would have liked to hear him talk myself!


    * After all: He's truly one of my "intellectual/technical heros" in this field!

    (& we've all got idols/heros in some field (sports, computers, you-name-it!) we look up to!)


    P.S.=> Fact is, imo @ least?

    He's RIGHT up there w/ Anders Heijelberg of Microsoft who is the "father/architect" of .NET basically & Visual Studio new things like VB6 improvements, VB.NET/ASP.NET, & C#!

    (Mr. Heijelsberg is formerly of Borland, & the architect/designer of my favorite programming tool to this day, Delphi (from which Visual Studio in general has gained MUCH from))... apk
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