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[WTB][US] CHEAP 2.5" SATA HDD (non-ssd)

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Apr 22, 2008
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Title just about says it all. looking for a cheap used 2.5" SATA HDD As long as it has no bad sectors on it, I'll consider it. Looking for a 40GB or more HDD for a USB 2.0 enclosure. 80-120GB would be cool though. PM me with what you have and what you are looking to get for it. My heatware is http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=67615and I'll be paying via paypal too. Thanks!


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Mar 16, 2008
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Pacific Northwest
System Name System Has No Name
Processor Core i7-7820X
Motherboard MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon
Cooling CryoRig R1 Universal
Memory Apacer Blade 4x8GB DDR4-3200
Video Card(s) MSI GTX-1080 Gaming X
Storage Sandisk SDSSDXP 240GB SSD, Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB SSD, Seagate 1TB HDD
Display(s) Samsung UE510 UHD 28"
Case Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 w/ 5 AF140 Blue LED Quiet Edition Case Fan
Audio Device(s) Onboard
Power Supply Corsair RM1000W
Mouse EpicGear Zora
Keyboard CM Quickfire Xti
Software Win10 Pro 64
Benchmark Scores Xbox Live Gamertag=jondonken
I have 2 80GB and a 60GB, take your pick and make me an offer.

1-80GB = 7200RPM
1-80GB = 5400RPM
1-60GB = 5400RPM
Jan 27, 2008
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Savannah, Georgia
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Motherboard RIVE Black / EVGA Classified SR-2 / Supermicro X8DAL / ASRock Taichi
Cooling Custom Water 2x 480 Rads / custom water / 2x Raijintek Aidos / Scythe Mugen 5
Memory Crucial 32GB / Kingston 24GB ECC / Sammy 48GB ECC / Crucial 2x8GB DDR4 3000
Video Card(s) GTX Titan (from our very own the54thvoid) / ? / ? / AMD R5 240 (Hopefully Vega56 soon)
Storage 840 EVO 1TB, 2TB HGST / WD VR 300GB / WD VR 300GB / Sammy OEM SSD 256GB, WD 500GB
Display(s) LG 27EA83R 27" 1440p
Case Corsair 900D / Bench / Fractal R5 / Dimastech Easy V3
Audio Device(s) HT E-Claro - Yamaha Receiver - Polk CS1, 2x Polk OWM3 / DT-990 Pro
Power Supply EVGA G2 1300 / SeaSonic X-1050 / EVGA GS 850 / SeaSonic X-850
Mouse DM1 Pro S
Keyboard Drevo GRAMR tkl / junk w/ blue led backlighting
Software Win 10 Pro x64 / Ubuntu x64 / Ubuntu x64 / Win10 Pro x64
I have a WD Blue 320GB, if you are interested just make me an offer.
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