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chipset Cooling MSI K9A2 CF

Feb 12, 2009
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Hi I have ordered an "MSI K9A2 CF" MB about 2 weeks ago along with some other parts, some can't be shipped so I'm still waiting for it, and in the meantime reading on some forums about the MB. Now I come along some things that seem to be not that good about this board, the most important thing is the reliability (due to temperature) of the north bridge.

I think it's smart to not just wait till my MB gives up, but install some (active) cooling right away, since 9/10 need MB to be removed to install another Heat-fin or -pipe. I've been looking for a few things:

-just passive cooling but big cooling surface

( i got a sharkoon rebel 9 case with a 250mm fan blowing towards CPU / northbridge)

-active cooling, don't know what to take, and if I need to cool the entire chipset, since the bigger brother (MSI K9A2 Platinum V2) does have heat pipes over the entire chipset.

- 3rd option i came along was a closed circuit water cooling sys which only used 1 pci slot for a radiator ( I don't remember where I saw it :banghead:, If you do tell me :) ) but i think the problem with that is a big mess in my case because the graphics card needs to be installed in the upper PCI-E slot so I need to go around or over that to get to the nearest pci slot.

Any thoughts on this are welcome