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Clevo P170SM-A 870M dead?


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Feb 22, 2021
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First of all the Specs:
  • P170SM-A
  • GTX 870M 6gb
  • i7-4710MQ
  • 2x4gb Kingston Ram
  • Win 10 Pro
  • ME FW
  • BIOS 1.03.11
  • EC 1.03.09

The Problem:
  • GTX 870M show up as 780M in Bios
  • GTX 870M Randomly installs "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" driver
  • Random bluescreens DX_Kernel
  • Have to force-install the driver with modded ini (to match ID) every 2 reboots or so
  • GPU-Z Shows 0mb Vram when "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" is applied (Ram dead?)

So, back in '18 i made a bios update to get the key backlight to work correctly.Since then, things changed over time. After some months i got the first bluescreens and then suddenly things added up.
Sadly i deleted the Bios after the Flash and now i cant find any fitting Bios for my Laptop anymore so i cant just reinstall the Bios to make sure things didnt go wrong back then.
Besides that i tryed alot already. Its def. not a Windows thing, since Linux has the same Problems and detects a 780 instead.
I found out, that the Device ID Changed at some Point. It used to be 1199 (GTX870M) but changed to 119F (780M).
Thought about flashing the Vbios, but again, i cant find any vbios for my exact ID's
10DE 1199(F) 7481 1558
Since Flashing the vbios wont change the ID anyways, it wont work i guess.
Later i found that thread about "Hacking" a 670..
strap resistors correspond to read
5K = 8
10K = 9
15K = A
20K = B
25K = C
30K = D
35K = E
40K = F
ID should be: 1199
But it is: 119F
So if the resistor at the end, which corresponds to 9 @ 10k, just burned and now has 40k+, it should spit out 119F.. if i got that right.(?)
Since its a damn little pcb .. i couldnt find any obviously broken resistor nor capacitor..
And i dont know where could be located at all.
Only thing i didnt get is how the 1's are generated.But since that thread is about an 670 im pretty sure that theres more to know about the 870M,
but i did'nt manage to find any info about the resistors for that card.If anyone knows something more about that, please tell me or just tell me where i could find more bout that topic.
Ouh and i checked the Chip on the GPU and it says GK104 which means its a true 870M ..
Also cleaned everything and added new compound aswell as i made sure everything is in place, no loose connections..

Im a bit lost now and dont know what to do.. If you need or want more info just tell me.
Any ideas, any links for a Bios or maybe just verify my thoughts will help.Thanks in advance!! I really cant affort to just give up on that..
PS: Sorry for the novel & the bad spelling, im not good in such forum-post-things..
PPS: As long as the NVIDIA Driver is installed i can game just fine. Doesnt seem like the card is dead at all.



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Unless you are handy with a Digital Multi Meter and are willing to test resistance on all the components on the GPU, buy a replacement.


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Feb 22, 2021
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Well i got one. Im tinkering with electronics here and there. Just never got into such tiny assemblies..
I tryed to test some spots but there so much connections goin on that im just lost where to start.
Buying a replacement isnt rlly an option at the moment, which is why i didnt give up yet..
Also im not in hurry.. i just want to get it working as it used to again..
The card itself works and i can usually play and also bench without problems.. as long as the driver doesnt spontaneously update itself...
it takes bout 15 min to reinstall the driver and to do that every ~2 days rlly just sucks.

But since you told me to test resistances - you think the idea of bad resistors could be the right path tho?
I'll try to get more into gpu's then..
Hard part would be to replace it i guess..

Ouh and just to make that clear, i didnt touch the Vbios, just thought about doing so.
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