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Club3d 3870 unable to flash new bios

Discussion in 'AMD / ATI' started by FinCoder, Oct 7, 2008.

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    Dec 7, 2005
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    I read yesterday few articles about modding and changing bios etc etc. It's quite hard to read the bios version what you are using (so long string of numbers), but I understood that i have the 67 version so I have to overwrite it to able to have more mhz more. :D

    I downloaded 3 bioses to this particular card and few others just to make sure I have newer and better bios and 2 programs to make the rewriting (btw I have made bios updating before).

    I opened the bioses at RBE program just to make sure, what's the version of the bios (and it seems that techpower is sharing 67 version, even it claims other in the html page).

    Atiwinflash does not work from RBE for some reason. And the other command prompt program does not work (using xp, sp3). Well i was able to load and edit the bioses on RBE. Load them to atiwinflash but was unable to write them to the card. I do not remember the error (I am not on my machine). But it fails to write subverdor ID or something. I tried to change that to 0x1002, which is ATi and changed some other information, but something is not right.

    So what's the command to write the bios on the card? Or how to edit the bios on RBE to make it work?

    I hope I made myself clear enough. Thank you.
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