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Cooler Master Centurion 534

Discussion in 'Cases, Modding & Electronics' started by Woah Mama!, Dec 2, 2007.

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    Oct 1, 2007
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    Hey, anyone have one of these or has carried out mods on one? I'm looking to get stuck into mine soon, I technically should be doing it now so it is ready for my new computer to go into but right now it is housing a gameboy... I mean a Sempron socket A. These are full size cases from what I can tell, and they are completely steel which is what drew me to buy one, not just the fact it was dirt cheap.


    I'm going to do top 120mm vent, upper front 120mm intake on my bottom 3 5.25" bays that will hopefully aid the airflow to my CNPS9700 110mm CPU cooler a bit better and another 2x120mm on the bottom of the case side to help with cooling PCI, PCIe and chipset. Those last ones will probably both be exhausts but maybe I will make the one furthest towards the front of the case an intake? I am also going to do a perspex side window probably with another 120mm mainly above the ram. The case already has a lower front and rear 120mm fans. Right now I have the HDD cage out so that the lower front 120mm can provide better flow, but I will probably put the cage back in and use the same 120mm for SATA cooling. I'm not a fan of water cooling just yet, and I think that if you set up air cooling in an efficient way with quality fans in a large case you can get more bang for your buck without that minute risk of a drop of water on your live computer.

    Thoughts? I know, it is a lot of 120mm fans :wtf: Oh yeah and if anyone thinks 2 or 4 80mm fans on the top will be a better vent then let me know, same with the side fans for the PCI bays. I'm most definitely going to use rubber washers for all fans to minimise fan vibrations through the steel case. I was also thinking about trimming the lower front fascia and removing the front USB/1394 and audio plate, putting some mesh there to give more air to the 120mm behind it. But the side openings do create a bit of a vacuum which seems to work well if I have a decent fan there. Yeah it is also going to have lighting, but that is just silly stuff, mainly to make my DFI connections look cool under UV. One last thing, I'd like to use 120mm fans that have speed control, like my Antec tricool. not too fussed over LED fans but I am sick of plain black, so if it comes to black ones I will have to paint the fan itself leaving the surround black.
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