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core 2 duo e6550 gigabyte mb problem

Apr 23, 2014
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i bought a core 2 duo e6550 cpu for my pc that has a gigabyte ga945gcm-s2l mb. the problem is that when i put the cpu it won't boot. no beep, no nothing. the fan is spinning but nothing else happens. i changed the bios version, i put f4 version for is compatible with those king of cpu-s. i tested this cpu on another pc and it works. please help me!

ps: english is not my native language, i hope you'll understand what problem i have with my pc :D
Nov 18, 2006
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Are all the power cables plugged in? Which fan is spinning? Does the CPU show in the BIOS?

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Apr 23, 2014
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yes, the power cables are plugged in. My pc doesn.t start. The light is on, cpu and power fan both are spinning, but the monitor is not showing anything. I tried with and without video card still the same thing. If i put a p4 dual core 3ghz is running. Ram is 667 mhz. Could this be the problem? I tested e6550 on another mb and is running. Thanks ! :)
Jul 18, 2007
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yea you need f6 and it does not officially support them. intel 945 chipsets never had offical 1333fsb support. people like giga and asus et al just added the micro code so they should work.

it will boot at 1066 fsb and you need to oc it to 1333 fsb and drop ram ratio to get it working.