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Coretemp and Speedfan temp readings on Dell Vostro 200


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Nov 24, 2007
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System Name Vostro 200
Processor C2d E6550 (2.33Ghz) 1333MHz
Motherboard Foxconn (dell) G33M02 - bearlake
Cooling Stock Dell supplied cooler(awful) with coolmaster 80mm PWM fan. 92mm POS case fan.
Memory Samsung M378T2953EZ3-CE6 2048meg 667MHz
Video Card(s) HIS 3870 ICEQ3
Storage 2x WD2500JS-75NCB3 (250gb sata)
Display(s) Acer AL1722, Benq T904 (Desktop res: 2560x1024)
Case Dell Vostro 200
Audio Device(s) Auzntech X-Fi Prelude through Gale 4020's + Gale sub
Power Supply Corsair HX 520w
Software Vista Bis 32bit (winamp, vlc and Ultramon FTW)
Benchmark Scores Struggling to break 10K on 3d06.
Hi all, first post, I recently had a little accident on ebay and picked up a Dell Vostro 200 Desktop.

I've came over to the desktop generation after spending 3years with my Dell XPS Gen1 (uk version), top quality portable gaming rig, but old now, the 9800 is 4 year old technology. Anyway I'm fairly happy with all this new fancy technology and very impressed at how well a x1300 can run games like FEAR and HL2.

The plan for the computer is to pick up a new gfx card and power supply soon, i'm not too sure what to get yet but I'll take that discussion to the GFX room.

Here's why I'm posting:

As an engineer I like to know whats going on and have always found ways to watch tempreatures, just because I'm like that.... One this E6550 C2d I've got Coretemp and SpeedFan to read the tempreatures. Speed fan shows quite a few of the systems sensors but I cant really determine if the are accurite. I have no control over the fans.

Tonight I had my window open and was listening to The Odessey, a 24min song, and watching winamp's milkdrop2. As the compiter is close to the window I put on the temp reading programs as tehre was a nice cold breeze. I pulled down my little weather center thing and to watch the ambiant temp around the front of the case.

I've posted my results and here are the conditions:

Area surronding open window - 5*c (so I imagine that the draft was slightly lower than this)
Ambiant temp at front of case - 18*c

Core 1 temp - 15*c
Core 2 temp - 15*c

My questions:

Who believes them? I'm enclined to believe them tbh, its amazingly cold, but its perfectly possible its getting air at less than 10*c in side the case. I have previously checked some temps inside teh case with a pyrometer and it is pretty cold, Even with the gfx card passive heatsink at 50*c.

Who can tell me what the voltages stuff means? Why do some look incorrect?

I dont know where the other temps are coming from, does anyone have a good guess? I dont think its the northbridge as it doesnt change much when heavily loaded.

What does ACPI temp (40.0) mean?

I'll get some temps up of it fully loaded if anyone cares enough, but the gfx heatsink goes to 75*c and I've not had either core above 40*c. All without the window open. Checking the Ram with a pyrometer it was about 55 and so was the northbridge I think.

*** Big pics (0.5megish)****



ps. When i've got - XX*c it doesnt mean -ve, i cant be bothered changing them all now that i've noticed it... :)
May 6, 2005
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Processor i7 4770K Haswell, watercooled
Motherboard Asus Z87-C2 Maximus VI Formula
Cooling Fuzion V1, MCW60/R2, DDC1/DDCT-01s top, PA120.3, EK200, 3× D12SL-12, liquid metal TIM
Memory 2× 8GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical LP DDR3-1600
Video Card(s) between GPUs
Storage Samsung 840Pro 256@178GB + 4× WD Red 2TB in RAID10 + LaCie Blade Runner 4TB
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Update you CoreTemp to 0.95.4.
Speedfan needs to be configured for GØ stepping Core 2s:
Configure -> Advanced -> "Chip" -dropdown list -> INTEL CORE at ~~~ -> set "Temperature offset" to 15 for each core.

What comes to the voltages; basically, Speedfan is useless for voltage monitoring. On the other hand, all softaware voltage sensors are useless...

Problem solved.