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Corrupt files when restored

Discussion in 'Storage' started by BoomBang85, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. BoomBang85 New Member

    Apr 26, 2011
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    Hello everyone,
    The story goes like this: I accidentally deleted all my photos of a 3 month long trip I had from my 2TB backup drive :banghead: (!!!).
    I noticed it after two weeks and the drive was in use (It also a storage for movies and such).
    I had tried "GetDataBack for NTFS" and luckily all the files and folders are found in their original size and order.
    However, when I try to restore them all the files appears to be corrupt.
    I know chances are against me but I'm willing to try anything to restore them.
    Anyone with experience in the matter is welcome to offer a solution.

    Few more things that might be relevant:
    the photos are JPEG but few (very important ones) are BMP .
    there are also movies in AVI. The total of all files is ~20GB. and all of them come out corrupt.
    I have some of the files intact and valid in a different folder, so maybe a comparison can help (Just an idea).
    File system is NTFS. OS is Windows 7 64bit.
  2. xBruce88x


    Oct 29, 2009
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    try piriform's recuva program.


    you may have to open the images in another image editor (like gimp) and re-save them... will be a pita that way though.

    same with the movies... might have to use a codec pack and a program that converts them to another format.
    BoomBang85 says thanks.
  3. BoomBang85 New Member

    Apr 26, 2011
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    Took me a while to answer, and follow the instructions.
    Here are the results:
    Restoring from the 2TB drive failed and the FAQ page on GetDataBack site explains this scenario (file name found but on valid data to restore on NTFS) quite well.
    Recuva software also found the files by name but they weren't valid to restore. For the next part Recuva wasn't helpful, too.
    I decided to try a different approach. I managed to find an old HDD (that I stopped using because it fell and "got" bad sectors) that had the photos. I used R-Studio program to skip those sectors (manually, they were too much for the program to ignore in sequential scan) and managed to restore all of them (I think).
    Thanks for the help.
    Hope it helps someone.

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