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Corsair 230T vs 400R

Jan 27, 2009
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Video Card(s) ASUS 7970 DCU II
Storage Samsung 840 250GB + WD Black 640GB
Display(s) Dell U2412m + 2x Dell 2209WA
Case Corsair 230T
Audio Device(s) Realtek Hi-Def onboard
Power Supply HX850
Software Win7 Pro
Just when I was ready to pull the trigger on the 230T, the 400R went on sale too.

230T - 69$ - 12$ MIR
400R - 89$ - 20$ MIR

Any advantages of the 400R over 230T? I noticed the 230T does not have gromments, however 230T has 320mm GPU support in lower slots vs 316mm overall for the 400R.

I also only have 1 DVD-RW, 1 SSD and 1 HDD. I don't plan to add any extra HDD's because I own a NAS hence don't need any more storage inside my computer other than immediate storage.

Want to pull the trigger by tomorrow to take advantage of the MIR, so fast replies very appreciated.


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Dec 21, 2011
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Video Card(s) RX 580/HD 4670/HD 7770/HD 7870/HD 7770/onboard/HD 7770/GTX 1080
Storage WD 500GB SSD/Seagate 2TB SSHD, everything else is Western Digital (mostly)
Display(s) Dell U2414H & 2409W / Dell 2208WFP (shared)
Case Silverstone FT01B/Source 530/Corsair 230T/Define XL R2/Silverstone FT05/Define R4/custom/Tt P3 open
Audio Device(s) on board (All)
Power Supply Corsair HX850/TX650/CS650M/X Gold 750/EVGA P2 850/X Gold 1050/HX650/M12 II 750
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It's all you now, go with what you like.... both are decent cases ;)