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Corsair Announces Availability of AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply


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Jul 23, 2006
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Don't be an ass. I said BOTH CARDS. Yes, each card was only pulling roughly 120 W/

Again, no, your reading comprehension is what is at fault...perhaps I could have typed it out a bit more specifically.
I'm sorry the way you phrased it could have been taken either way...

The 40-something boards I have sitting here next to me say 70-75W. a Few boards a bit more, but not much. Yes, I test every single board I review. One a week, now, 12 in the past 3 months alone, and those are just the posted reviews.
That's honestly good to know older units seemed to draw less power. Makes sense considering how much more crap is on new boards.

FUll system, in BF3, which draws the highest power out of all the games I play. I know you've been gone for a few months, but if you pay attention a bit, you'll see that we have a pretty large community of BF3 players here, and I play BF3 with them daily.
That's good to know. Kind of interesting to see your cards draw so much more with such a low overclock. Out of curiosity what temps are you looking at. Even in your fancy new tech heat still plays a huge role. I would be curious to see if your cards cooled well would drop your power consumption like it did in the old GTX 470/480's

Furmark? Please.

Did you forget I do motherboard and memory reviews here for TPU? I am very very careful in what I post, specifically because of that. I fully expect users to verify what I say on my own, and accept that as fact. Using furmark...that's stupid. Just outright stupid.
Thank god. It's a good question some people seem think it's the best way to find what PSU they need.

Actually, yes, if you want to get the maximum out of any system, and you can provide ample cooling, 1200 W is NOT enough. Just ask any real extreme multi-GPU bencher how many PSUs they use, and also notice PSUs like EVGA's new one, having functionality built right in so that it can be daisy-chained with other matching units.
You seem to forget I ran multi-PSU units for a long long period of time.

3960X pulling 450W? 8150 pulling 450W as well? YOU BET. It takes LN2 or similar to remove al lteh heat fast enough, but it's definitely possible.

MY bad 3960X pulls up to 155W stock, and that's not counting VTT power.

It's no big deal.
Never said they couldn't I was confused if you were trying to say your chip did or what you were getting on about. Again if you remember I ran quite a few chips cold.

BTW, your math for overclocked silicon is WRONG. there is not a single formula that applies, as silicon quality differs form chip to chip.
No that formula will always work if you have a correct starting wattage. At least it will be close enough.

For example, my 3770K draws 90W-100W @ 4.6 GHz. Erockers pulls about 120W. Those two chip prove your math wrong.

Default Watts? There is no such thing reported by CPU OEMs. They report TDP..which doesn't refer to power drawn..it refers to cooling needed.
Why is the math wrong are your and Erockers chips physically identical down to the stock vcore, VTT, etc. All of those chips are binned for the best possible TDP which leads toa large variation in processors and quality.

I'm sorry ,CDA, but your knowledge here, fro mpast hardware, doesn't apply today. Technology is very differnt now, than it was even just two years ago. You really should invest in a newer system and see the differnces for yourself..on hte Intel side of things, it's pretty amazing, I think.
Trust me there are plenty of "old school" things that carry over. I do still run some Intel bits and bobs (H55 with a Xeon 3440@4.2) While not the latest of generations it still works.

NOt really. I mean, CDA doesn't have new cards yet, and hasn't seen how they overclock, or if he has, he didn't pay much attention.
Don't worry waiting for after the deployment I want some of the next gen cards. These are not enough of an improvement for my taste same on the CPU's.


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Apr 10, 2006
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Let me just say, cdawall, overclocking today is not what it used to be. What you've done in the past, or what I have done, does not apply. I was completely blown away by the power consumption numbers, honestly, as I never expected such increases. But at least we have reasons to use such big PSUs 24/7 when overclocking.

Your H55...does not apply. Socket 1155 completely changes the game, and IVB CPUs just further that. Really, most old stuff truly does not apply, since the implementation of Turbo 2.0 on Intel chips. Before, you'd turn Turbo off...today, you OC with Turbo, using hte Turbo multipliers, and you don't set votlages manually...you set offsets. Those aren't my recommendations either..that's guidance provided by OEMs.

And again, TDP has no meaning except for cooling needed. Current CPUs are marked @ 77 W for IVB, and 130 W for SB-E..not because they draw anything close to that...but becuase they need cooling capable of removing that amount of heat in order to stay stable for the duration of the warranty period. SKT2011 CPUs don't evne come with a cooler, since 130W is too much for many coolers out there. INtel now sells AIO watercoolers for those chips. MY 3770K draw 2/3rds TDP at stock, my 3960X draw 20% more than TDP.

Plus, now Intel will replace chips you killed by OC, for a small fee...most commonly used chips are replaced for just $25.

It's truly a different ballgame now. I bloody love it!

AMD, yep, same old, same old. That's too bad, but whatever.

with 3c 7950, I wouldn't run an overclock without a 1200 W PSU, like this one. Hopefully I can convince Corsair to give me one, to go along with the ram, cooler, SSDs, and everything else of theirs I use to test with already. :p

EDIT: oh, my cards top out @ 75 C @ 1200 MHz, and that's with the default fan profile... at stock, they hit 60C or so, if that.
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