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Cougar Announces Solution ATX Mid-Tower Chassis


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Oct 9, 2007
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COUGAR today announced global availability of their latest middle tower PC case focusing on attractive design and convenient every-day usage features at an affordable budget price point. The COUGAR Solution comes entirely black coated outside and inside, the honey-comb and mesh hybrid intake design creates a solid, rugged look with optimized ventilation characteristics.

As COUGAR is specifically targeting demanding enthusiast users and gamers, powerful high-end setups are always a major focus of attention when designing PC cases, power supplies or cooling fan solutions. Therefore, the COUGAR Solution offers a broad range of ventilation upgrade potential with up to 8 installable fans. But ventilation is more than just about fans. In order to optimize internal airflow, the COUGAR Solution has been created with a sophisticated, yet easy to use cable-routing in mind. The cable routing does not only ensure a clean inside of your system, but moreover allows your components to stay cool. In turn this also ensures a longer product life span.

But cooling and ventilation goes even further. The backside PCIe slots are all vented and two holes for water-cooling hoses are provided for as well. So if you are in the game for advanced gameplay and need to install multiple VGA setups, you are cool and safe with up to 320 mm of space for your graphics cards. And the extra large cutout on the motherboard backplate provides most convenient access for CPU cooler installation, so you can swap coolers on-the-fly.

As a power supply specialist, COUGAR understands best where and how to place your PSU. In the COUGAR Solution case, the power supply unit is placed on the bottom, so all motherboard, components and storage devices can be reached easily. This placement also ensures that your power supply is located at the coolest spot or your PC case, since cold air stays at the bottom, while hot air floats upwards. On top of things, the COUGAR Solution case provides for an air filter underneath the power supply, so your PSU fan stays clean and powerful.

Cumbersome installation of optical drives and HDDs are a matter of the past, as screwless-installation mechanisms make it child’s play to install, replace or upgrade them within the COUGAR Solution case. 5.25” and 3.5” drives are easily handled with a simple click. Even a 2.5” drive can be easily installed right at the bottom of the case underneath the drive-cage.

For more information, visit the product page.
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Nov 27, 2005
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Look behind you!!
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Dec 9, 2011
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Actually, here is israel this case has been up for sale for like two weeks...
Its actually cheaper then the nzxt soure 210 by a bit and costs a bit more than the cooler master 370. And apart from cooling, this case got the features of a far more expensive case, so this thing is really a great deal.
Feb 18, 2010
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Looks awesome.
Aug 19, 2011
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this looks nice,,,but you know what???

im really gettin sick of toolless designs!!!
Apr 21, 2010
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Aug 16, 2007
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To every case manufacturer, please copy Lancool/Lian Li in regards to a tooless design. Mechanical retention clips for pci slots is one of the best ideas in a case ive ever seen. I hate those plastic clips and turn things.

The video for the case in the op was strange.


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Mar 20, 2006
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To every case manufacturer, please copy Lancool/Lian Li in regards to a tooless design. Mechanical retention clips for pci slots is one of the best ideas in a case ive ever seen. I hate those plastic clips and turn things.

The video for the case in the op was strange.
I agree, that video made me go WTF.
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Jan 4, 2012
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COUGAR Solution ATX Mid Tower Black Steel Computer Case

well i am about to do my 2cnd build and i have been looking for a case that has room for as many fans as i have in my 1st build. i got the Coolermaster 960ll advanced. which sells for 100.00 and i don't want the same case. like i said i have been looking for about 6 weeks. well i think i have found it. newegg has a good price on this case 59.99 so i think i am going to be the 1st and get 1. i like the Video about this case. it makes me think of a special ops case, lol
stealthy and cool. i like all the room it has in it i will be putting a AMD 6870 Blk Edition card it it and then later add another, so it has plenty of room for that. also i like the tooless design for the drive bays. it works fine in my other case. and if you want you can add screws, so i don;'t see what the big deal is. i am glade someone has come out with a new case. this is what i have been looking for. thanks Cougar for a great case with plenty of room for cards and fans slots to keep everything cool.:rockout: