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COUGAR Launches the GX V3 Series Power Supplies

Dec 6, 2011
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COUGAR, leading PC case and power supply brand has let loose the latest power supply unit, an update to the GX series, titled the GX V3. These new high-end series of power supplies specifically target demanding gamers and the rugged black coating in combination with the gold vent grill add to the overall robust and aggressive appearance of a computer and at a size of 160 mm down from 180 mm in length the GX V3 will significantly reduce the space taken up in the system. In fact, for almost all 1000 plus watt models on the market, the GX V3 will be the smallest of compact 1050W products, a major technological breakthrough.

The COUGAR GX V3 PSUs are fully compliant with the 80-PLUS Gold efficiency requirement, featuring a peak efficiency of up to 93%. These high-end PSUs are designed for enthusiast gamers who desire extremely efficient and powerful gaming products. The GX series is equipped with and ultra quiet fan that provides optimum cooling efficiency. The advanced modular cable management system is further improved with new flat cables that simplify installation and maximize airflow.

Many people and organizations have the computers running 24/7 whether it is for remote access or cloud-computing requirements. COUGAR has continued to address the growing need for super-efficient power supplies with the ECO-friendly power supply designs with 3 variations of the GX V3 at 600, 800 and 1050 watts.

The COUGAR GX V3 PSU was designed from the ground up to achieve high efficiency in its power supply management. With RST (Rapid Switch Technology) and DC to DC technology, which provides the highest efficiency and the most stable performance, along with perfect regulation (Regulation :love:%). That, along with the CLC filter design which efficiently suppresses Ripple/Noise to less than 1%, shows how the GX V3 has been improved to increase electric efficiency even further over previous generations.

The components inside a power supply also help to distinguish between average PSUs and high-end models. To that end the GX V3 uses 105°C rated Japanese capacitors. These provide uncompromised performance and reliability, delivering 4 times the lifespan of conventional 85°C rated capacitors. To keep all these components cool the GX V3 has an ultra quiet temperature controlled 140mm fan. The 140mm double ball bearing fan delivers optimum air flow with an extremely low noise level plus the fan speed is automatically governed based on the temperature.

It is therefore no wonder that the GX V3 series also fits in with the latest Eco-Friendly EuP regulation, ErP Lot6 2013. The energy consumption is lower than 0.3W when the PC is in standby mode, which can save quite a bit of energy and money and of course it supports the ENERGY STAR 5.0 rating.

The advanced modular cable management system is further improved by utilizing new flat cables that simplify installation as well as reduce air friction in order to maximize airflow. This helps give gamers the cooling power they need, and the flexibility of easy upgrades the demand.

The MSRP of the three power level variants are: the at GX1050 $189, the GX800 at $149, and the GX600 at $109.


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I wish COUGAR would make guitar plectrums...
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Many people and organizations have the computers running 24/7 whether it is for remote access or cloud-computing requirements.
really? wheres 24/7 label ready?


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Seems to be good pricing? Would anybody object to buying one of these, cougar striped cables not withstanding?
Jan 5, 2013
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Seems to be good pricing? Would anybody object to buying one of these, cougar striped cables not withstanding?
I'm sure the black and gold paint scheme will improve game performance...

More than likely the reason it is physically smaller than quality 1000W PSUs is because they cut corners to fit it in a smaller case. I'd buy a Seasonic PSU and get the best for less unless you can find a rebranded Seasonic PSU on sale for less, which rarely happens.

If it doesn't rate at the top by JonnyGura and Hardware Secrets, I'd pass.
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Previous Cougar PSUs have been good to me, but that doesn't guarantee anything...
Feb 25, 2014
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First of all, if any of you actually payed a bit of attention, and read things properly, you would realize that they DID NOT cut corners in any way shape or form..

You would also realize, Those of you commenting on the Orange cables. IT DOES NOT COME WITH ORANGE CABLES.... This is the V3 we are talking about. It hasn't had orange and black cables since V1.

Now all that aside, I can assure you this power supply is beyond awesome. And well deserving of the gold rate it received.

Too bad you all missed a recent sale on Newegg. I got me the 1050 version for $145.99, you cant beat that price by a long shot..

If you want more info on cougar products, they are owned by HEC Group and Compucase.

Their fans kick ass. Their PSU's kick ass.

I cant speak for their cases, but I would imagine if they put as much design and quality parts into them as they do all their other products they are great too..


THEIR 120mm VORTEX PWM fan had a recall. If you run them at any speed under 1500 rpm they have this intolerable whine/squeal.. Check the Manufacturing date on the sticker, right on the center of the fan itself.

If it was manufactured in 2012, chances are it will have this problem. If you are going to use this fan make sure it was made in 2013 or later.

The recall was only on the 120mm Vortex PWM... So the non PWM vortex, the turbine, and the 140mm vortex pwm do not experience this problem.

The 1050 PSU comes with a 140mm vortex. I cant speak for the smaller PSU's but their customer service is pretty good and extremely fast, and they will test out any product before they ship it out to you.

Its a shame I received fans from newegg that were recalled a year before I purchased them.. but cougar took care of the problem extremely fast, and I couldn't be happier with their products.

There are many quality products to choose from out there, and chosing the right Fan or PSU can be overwhelming.

But I can assure you this PSU will not let you down, and most of cougars products share that same parts and build quality.

things happen, recalls happen with every company. Cougar went above and beyond to try and fix the situation, when all newegg offered to do was send me the same defective fans as a replacement.