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Crackling Audio Sound... Help Please


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Dec 11, 2020
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I apologize in advance for the bad English, but I use a translator.
I have three computers and a laptop at home. I've already changed the motherboard three times on the primary computer + PSU + GPU + CPU + RAM and it didn't help, so it certainly can't be HW.
I disconnected the laptop from the power grid and turned off the battery-saving mode and the crackling sound on the laptop without connecting to the power grid, so it's not even the power grid.
I bought better protection, which also indicates soil conditions, and everything's fine, but the cracking is still audible. So, I'm totally ruling out electrical failure.
I've tried everything and it's not helping. But I also found that when I installed the windows on the classic 7200 HDD the cracking of the sound was once much worse, so I went back to the SSD and heard it less. From my findings, I'll rule out HW and the power grid.
I tried to shut down the router and it didn't help.
The re-installation of controls and windows has not helped either.

I'm on the verge of losing my nerve and I may have to learn to live with it, otherwise we should all be petitioning Microsoft.
Apr 18, 2019
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I've had a very similar issue come up on a few laptops, and was corrected by *completely uninstalling* the drivers and reinstalling freshly downloaded drivers. At least once, I had to rollback to an earlier driver revision, rather than use the latest available.
Also, clean the audio jacks to the best of your abilities. A high-resistance short caused by dust, etc. can cause a ground loop or other issues, whether anything is plugged into the audio port or not.

If you post the model of your laptop, we can probably find you an alternative or older driver download to try.


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Jul 2, 2007
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Change your speakers/headset, or lower volume on windows itself, if trying a different set of speakers/headset doesnt change it get a pcmcia sound card...
Jun 16, 2022
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lookout for the hardware
Oct 17, 2021
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Are you using a headset, speakers, earbuds...? cheap ones are prone to output noise.

Sounds like interference if a laptop that's running on battery still does it.
Do you live near radio towers? or a power plant? Force enable Spread Spectrum in your BIOS if you have the option.