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Daft question about number formatting in Excel 2007

Discussion in 'General Software' started by rheged, Jun 25, 2008.

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    Hi, I'll start of by saying what I need to do. I work for a shipping company which manages a large fleet of container vessels in the pacific and indian oceans. As part of my duties, I have to spend yonks entering hand written GPS logs into MS Excel. If you all recall your high school geography, latitude and longitude are written as "DDD°mm's", e.g. a three-figure (two fig for latitude) degree value for longitude, followed by a ° symbol, followed by a two figure minutes-of-degree (1/60 of a degree) value, followed by seconds of degree (e.g. 1/60 of a minute). What I've been trying to do to save vast amounts of time and make my finished logs look funky and all round amazingly brilliant is to have excell use number or custom formatting to automatically recognise when to insert the ° and ' symbols. The thing to take into account is that for the data in the longitude column, there are ALWAYS three figures given for the number of degrees, two for the minutes, and one for the seconds. For the latitude column, it's the same except only two figures for the degrees. This consistant number of figures is true even if, for example at 12°00'1 longitude, you would enter "012°00'1". Similarly for latitude. One other thing I want to do is include a check box or similar to enter the nomination of the lat/long e.g. is the latitude north or south, and is the longitude east or west? If anyone knows of how to solve at least the first problem of correct number formatting, I would be a very happy chap and if I were to meet this person while in a pub (British term for a place of beer consumption - actual beer, not american budweiser or heineken or other watered down lagers) somewhere, then they would receive a free pint :toast:

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