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[Case Gallery] Danger Doomsday Device

Sep 20, 2009
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Core i7 920 @ 4.1ghz
Asus Rampage 2 extreme motherboard
12GB gskill 1600 ram
Corsair Memory cooler
BFG EX-1200 watt power supply
Custom Sleeved power supply cables
ATI 5870 graphics card
Danger Den custom Double wide case
2 DDC 3.25 18v Water pumps
2 XSPC Pump tops
UN 3G pump brackets
Primochill 1/2" ID 3/4 OD tubing
Alphacool NexXxoS CPU waterblock
2 Enzotech mosfat waterblocks
Enzotech QPI water block
Ek Nickel full board chipset water block
EK Nickel 5870 full coverage water block
2 raptor 10k rpm hard drives (raid 0)
1 samsung 1.5 TB hard drive
11 Yate loon 120mm UV fans
2 80mm Frozen CPu fans
Rheobus extreme fan controller
2 Fesser Xchanger 480 quad Radiators
8 Fesser extender fan shrouds
Modright fan filters
2 Bitspower x-stations
lite on dvd-rw
4 uv cold cathodes
Customer Acrylic pump stand
Bitspower fittings throughout

Sleeved all power supply cables and replaced all connectors. Installed mosfat, qpi, chipset, CPU, and Video card water blocks. Custom made all screw stud for radiator mounting. Designed pedestal pump stand for water pumps.
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Mar 5, 2007
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Chicago, IL
System Name Stealth 2 Duo Turbine
Processor Intel e6850 @ 3.8ghz
Motherboard Asus Striker Extreme
Cooling CoolerMaster V8 Modded With 2 white LED's & 100CFM fan
Memory OCZ DDR2 1066_ SLI Black-4GB
Video Card(s) 2xMSI 8800GT"s SLI
Storage <<HDD For OS>> 2x150GB_Western Digital Raptor_Raid 0. <<HDD For Storage>> 3 x 1TB
Display(s) ACER B273HU 27" LCD 2048x1152
Case Apex SuperCase_Custom 7 month Build
Audio Device(s) Striker Extreme Add-In Card HD-Audio
Power Supply EnerMax INFINITI 720watt
Software SE7VEN ULTIMATE 64bit
Benchmark Scores 3DMark01=NTTA, 3Dmark06=NTTA 3Dmark_Vantage=NTTA, Core Temp v0.99.5=28C
Between the sword & this build,, Not sure why your posting really poor images.
May 11, 2009
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System Name not sure yet
Processor i7 4930K @ 4.6GHz
Motherboard ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Black Edition
Cooling It's a secret for now..
Memory 16GB Mushkin Black Line
Video Card(s) ASUS GTX780 Ti
Storage 240GB KINGSTON SSD & 2TB Seagate SSHD
Display(s) Samsung 26" TOC
Case Mountain Mods Ascension
Audio Device(s) ASUS Xonar Essence STX
Power Supply Corsair AX860 Platinum
Software Windows 8.1 Profession x64
Looks great, but the pics are tiny, even when you click on them.