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DangerDen HD2900xt Waterblock Review

Aug 12, 2006
3,254 (0.78/day)
UK-small Village in a Valley Near Newcastle
Processor I7 7700k De-lid @ 5GHz
Motherboard Asus Maximus Hero IX
Cooling Custom dual 360 rad loops. Cpu monoblock, 295x2 full cover waterblock. Custom R9290x waterblock.
Memory 16Gb Team Xtream DDR4 3600MHz
Video Card(s) 295X2 + R9290X
Storage SSD RAID array, dozen TB HDD's in RAID
Display(s) 27" BENQ XL2730Z 144hz 1440p, Samsung 27" 3D 1440p, QNIX 144p @ 100Hz overclocked
Case Thermaltake Core series
Power Supply 1.5Kw
Mouse RAT 7
Keyboard Ryos II MK Pro Mechanical
Software Windows 10 LTSB
hey mandelore, apart from it being a great review, what are you getting on 3dmark right now? I didn't see them above so thats why I ask you.

Also lets say I get this now, later on if I decide to get the rest of my pc water cooled do I have to go and get another kit, or can I just go ahead buy whatever I need to finish it off seperately? Any feedback is appreciated, thank you.
1) My current 3DMark06 score is 11,400, and that is cpu limited atm (2850MHz). I ran that with 935 core and 1400 memory on my 2900, voltage modified via bios to 1.35 and temperatures dont go above 65C :) :) :) (still looking for a way to get higher voltage)

2)I would reccomend, if you got this, that it be ran on a solo loop, i.e. just the DD-29XT block, pump and radiator in the loop. (I use a 3x120mm rad which is pretty damn big and it barely feels warm to touch, so you could probs get away with a smaller one tbh)

3) When/if you come to get the rest of your pc water cooled, I would run them in their own loop, use a small DDC 12V pump (I use that for my 2900 loop) to save space while retaining power and simply loop the cpu or northbridge to that and a smaller 120mm rad or dual 120mm rad.

This waterblock is so very effective at what it does, and I could not be happier with it.

Now the artcic silver has set in, I get 28C boot up temperatures, and during overclocked gaming the temperatures reach 52C(normal voltage) and 62-65 with a much higher core voltage. Thats simply great considering what the stock cooler did hehehe

hope that helps

Chicken Patty

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Nov 27, 2007
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Miami, Florida
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Display(s) Samsung 40" LED 4K TV
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Wow thats definetely great. It will probably be toward the end of December or beginning of January till I go watercooled, I just need to buy a few things a long with it, like a case, a new motherboard that allows me to change voltage so I can overclock my AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+ a bit. But yeah, i'm just looking around to have an idea of what I wanna buy at the given time.

Your reviews and help is highly appreciated, thank you very much.