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Dell Unveils Adamo Ultra-Thin Luxury Laptop


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Nov 7, 2004
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This morning, Dell's Michael Tatelman, VP of consumer sales & marketing, officially exposed to daylight for the first time the company's much-rumored Adamo ultra-thin luxury laptop. A pre-production sample was shown in front of the public at CES 2009. During the presentation and after that there where no details, specs, prices or what so ever disclosed. Dell only unveiled that anodized aluminum and glass are used in the laptop's chassis. When ready Adamo will come in two color options: black and white/silver. Have a look at the first Adamo pictures:

Source: AnandTech


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Dec 27, 2008
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:cool:I like it, cant wait to hear the specs. So far so good
Aug 30, 2006
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"white/silver" looks like ladies after-dinner chocolate colour!

But otherwise, looks interesting. Shame no specs yet.

Shame they havent licensed the Apple "mag" power connector. It is really very good (new Macbook), secure, and trip-pull safe. I actually think it is a real innovation that the macbook designers deserve some credit for.
Apr 14, 2008
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If it is decently priced and specced, then I might save up for one.
It looks really good IMO, like a cross between the old Macbooks and a Vostro.
Oct 7, 2007
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Looks like I may have to snag one up when they come out for school, I bet it's light! Just hope it has a good processor/memory.