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Dell XPS, Inspiron Notebooks Now with Wireless USB


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Nov 7, 2004
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Dell Inc. has refreshed its XPS laptop PC line and the Inspiron 1525 notebook, which now optionally have a built-in Wireless USB module. For an additional $150, customers can purchase the XPS M1330, M1530, M1730 and Inspiron 1525 notebooks with the new capability that enables computer peripherals and electronics devices - such as printers, external hard drives, mice, keyboards, digital cameras, and MP3 players - to connect to a system without a USB cable. Along with a built-in Wireless USB module, purchasers who select the new option will also get Belkin’s 4-port WUSB hub. Wireless USB technology is based on the Ultra-WideBand (UWB) radio platform, which is capable of sending 480 Mbit/s at distances up to 3 meters and 110 Mbit/s at up to 10 meters.

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Nov 13, 2006
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i cant wait until the technology improves so that wireless usb can reach as far are wifi.


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Sep 30, 2007
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wow I didn't even know that such a thing existed! congrats to DELL for getting the tech out there. and also how does this compare to bluetooth?


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Nov 24, 2007
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Another one for the XPS. Those puppies are the tits. They were the first screen running at 1900x1200 @15.4" I know of being avaiable, that was the best part of 4 years ago now, and only recently have any screens been economically doing that res and they are all much much larger.

I had the Uk version without the gigabit lan and 1680x1050 screen, back when i started my degree in 04 with a 9800 :D it was awsome! turned out it was a bios limited x800, but i never risked trying the hardmod for the extra pipes. only got rid of it to the girlfriend recently cause i accidently bought my new rig.

Anyway, I digress. Well in Dell and to anyone thinking about one of these, I'm sure it'll make you happy.

Dec 10, 2007
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I didnt no about it either sounds very interesting and very promising.
Sep 15, 2007
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Dropped connections... have fun with that.


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Jan 17, 2008
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The most exciting moment I look forward to this new technology in which Logitech would release its new G-series gaming mouse.Come on,I'm waiting for it.展望该新技术最激动人心的时候是罗技发布它新一代G系列游戏鼠标。来吧,我等着它。;)


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Feb 1, 2006
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I personally think that this is great, but what would be even better is if we had wireless power... and Dell did not copy off apple.
Nov 15, 2007
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I may be purchasing a Dell XPS M1330 or M1530 by the end of the summer, but I can't see myself spending $150 for wireless USB, doesn't seem that useful to me.

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Oct 1, 2006
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Its meant to be used at short ranges tho. You dont get connection dropout at that distance. Its meant to be a wireless alternative to reduce cable clutter rather than to actually be used over long distances.
Even at a mere few inches away, the Belkin unit has tested to perform abysmally. Plagued by connection drop-outs and piss poor throughput.
Nov 21, 2004
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To bad this have been an option in the us for like half a year : /


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Feb 11, 2008
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nice! im gonna have to get one of these!