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Designing My Own Case! 12.5L & 14.9L vertical case design with water cooling and full-size graphics card.


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May 3, 2021
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Hello and welcome!

I am an industrial designer who graduated during the pandemic, and this is the first project we working on compact ITX case.

The original idea came out in 2019, that we want to have some new concept about cylinder case with different interpretation about details compare with current products and mac pro.

During the past two years, lots of modifications and several prototypes have been done, and it is time to hear your voice to make this project better!

You may have different understanding to bring me outside the box and see the project with something new.

So feel free to comment your thought, and I will post the progress here continuously!


The four key words in this project are water cooling, cylinder, compact, and design. That we came out the S12T with turbofan graphics card as the original, which has 12.5L volume.

By keeping develop it, that we found the size of graphics card goes bigger and bigger, and the turbofan graphics card can no longer hold the performance.

The S14H with ventilation enclosure can hold up to 300mm 2.5 slots graphics card with open-air cooling.

For the spec, all LYNX S Series support:

ITX Motherboard

SFX or SFX-L Power Supply

Up to 4 2.5'' Hard Drive

S12T and S12H also support:

12.5L size with dimension: 324mm*220mm*220mm

120mm Water Cooling with 80mm (3.15'') clearance for radiator and fans

270mm 2 slots Graphics Card (Turbofan for S12T and Open-air for S12H)

S14H supports:

14.9L size with dimension: 354mm*230mm*230mm

120mm Water Cooling with 100mm (4.33'') clearance for radiator and fans

300mm 2.5 slots Graphics Card
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