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Detection of fake RTX GPUs?

Feb 18, 2005
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This video
has a guy reviewing a GTX 650 that was flashed to an RTX 2060. He uses GPU-Z to check it (@ 5:34 since the auto-embedded player doesn't seem to preserve timestamp), which doesn't flag the card as fake, despite the many obvious flags (RTX is not GK GPU, RTX has more than 1GB memory, RTX doesn't use GDDR5, etc.).

I know that GPU-Z has facilities for detecting fake GTX 1050s (which seem to be the most common fakes ATM) but it seems that the Chinese scammer filth are getting more and more creative. @W1zzard I'm not sure how you're doing fake detection, but I assume it's from a database of GPU models linked to known GPUs and memory configs in that family - if so would it be relatively simple to add RTX to this DB? Or is the fake detection currently a manual process?
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May 14, 2004
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Interesting, but very basic fake.

They modified their driver to report a different card name, and that only works while that specific driver is installed.
If you install the driver from nvidia.com it'll say "GTX 650".

Also the obvious flags you listed

doesn't flag the card as fake
The [FAKE] flag is only for cards which use a more elaborate scheme, that actually changes the device ID of the GPU, and would thus be undetectable, even if you install the official driver