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Diamond 6950 fan spinning up randomly


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Oct 4, 2012
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So I have the Diamond 6950 reference model and I used the shader unlock bios from this website to unlock the additional shaders. However I have noticed now that my fan on my video card randomly spins up to like 80% even when my computer is idling and doing nothing. I noticed in the RBE version 1.28 in the additional features section. There is a "Fix Spin-up bug" with "Don't fix" or "Fix/Already Fixed" option. I have tried flashing my video card using either option and it hasn't helped.

Does anyone know why it's randomly spinning up like this? It gets really annoying when it happens for long periods of time as well. It feels like it'll just suddenly die cuz it's so damn loud. Even when I'm playing games it doesn't spin up that loud or get anywhere that fast.