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Do any AMD GPUs pass thorough 5.1 via HDMI?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Home Theater' started by Frag Maniac, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Don't blame the actors, but the writers which were approved by the Mow Haward's son. You know Hollywood and how hey like taking what's good and playing around with it for theer liking. But me I kind of liked the new version and hope they continue to make more. They had to adjust the film nd style for 2013, because of the gen.
    Use HDMI from the gpu to your reciever. Install the realtek codec that is recommend for your gpu, then restart your PC. You will see ths in your Windows sound properties. Adjust how many channels are supported (test to make sure you hear the sound out of the speakers and increase the quality to studio audio) and if you want change name to AMD 5.1CH HD or what ever you like. Then go into realtek and make sure its set in thre too.
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    I use HDMI though a AV and when setup in windows right it automatically selects PCM Multi Channel.

    It's never mattered made any issue's for me leaving the on-board enabled which i do as i use a mic though that card.You just have to make sure the ATI is selected for sound and that 5.1 has been all so selected and the receiver picks up the source.

    And by doing so i can tell were the sounds are coming from to a near pin point.
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    A: HDMI is not better than optical for audio. It's not worse either. They're about the same because its a digital signal and the audio device doesn't impact the audio stream at this point for both HDMI, optical, or coax.

    B: PCM doesn't imply lossy quality. In fact PCM ensures that the audio stream isn't compressed. It's when you start using Dolby this and DTS that where your audio starts getting compressed.

    I was also under the (perhaps mistaken?) impression that to get anything over 2.0 output you need to use DTS, Dolby, or some form of a multi-channel multiplexed signal. I thought that raw 6-channel PCM was too much bandwidth for HDMI which is why anything beyond 2.0 requires DTS or Dolby, at least this is the case with my video card and digital audio devices.

    Also what do you mean the audio is compressed on the game's end? You mean how the files are stored? You shouldn't worry about that because that won't change for any particular game or application any time soon.
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    HDMI can do 5.1 uncompressed, probably 7.1 as well. remember that they keep upping the HDMI specs, so theres been improvements since it all first launched.
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