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Do long gaming sessions need special chairs?

Do long gaming sessions need special chairs?

  • Yes, gaming-grade chairs improve ergonomics

    Votes: 2,040 22.1%
  • No, a good office chair does the job

    Votes: 6,033 65.4%
  • No, a static home chair or couch is fine

    Votes: 1,036 11.2%
  • I am a mobile gamer and don't game long sessions

    Votes: 121 1.3%

  • Total voters
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Jan 29, 2012
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Memory Gskill Ripjaws X - 16GB DDR3 / Samsung Reg - 24GB DDR3 Hexa-Channel
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Chairs are very important. I need to get a fancy chair soon. I have a severe tailbone injury with back issues and sciatica on both legs. I still manage lol
Apr 24, 2017
9 (0.02/day)
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The funny thing is ( and a problem also ) i can't sit for more than 1h on normal chair now.
Jun 4, 2013
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I'd argue that gaming chairs just add bucket seat aesthetics to the mix, whether that is actually a good thing is, imo, debatable, since I don't need to be fixed in a chair when there is no lateral acceleration (such as when driving a car). Personally, I think that a good office chair in which you can move around and change seating position a lot is the best option. I've read somewhere that frequently changing seating position is the healthiest seating habit, but what do I know, I just like to sit differently all the time :)
Dec 6, 2016
50 (0.08/day)
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I use a recliner chair + footrest for gaming and work. I did add 5 wheels to the base of the chair tough, mostly to raise it a bit since most recliners sit too low to comfortably use at a desk. Simple operation -just drilled some holes in the wooden base and bolted the wheels to it. The chair is very similar to this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00BQUWKHO/?tag=tec053-21

Gaming chairs and most office chairs cushions are pretty hard and my butt starts to go numb and my tailbone aches after a couple of hours of sitting in them. They may be modeled after car seats, but they are nowhere near as comfortable. This is not a problem for short and skinny guys / girls, but I'm pretty tall and heavy so soft cushions are a must.


New Member
Jan 12, 2016
5 (0.01/day)
Actual ergonomic chairs and standing/adjustable desks are the way to go, though they do command a considerable premium. If you spend long hours using a PC and you can afford them then they are a worthwhile investment since, from what I've read, they can last for many, many years (we're talking a decade or so). A good chair will properly support you. For example, I have a Steelcase Gesture that basically forces you to recline correctly and not slouch. To begin with it is kinda odd and slightly uncomfortable for me because I always slouched incorrectly but when I got used to it I noticed that my back pains that I had when I used a GT Omega "gaming" chair were almost entirely alleviated.

The good ones are hover around $800 to $1200 but over 10 years it will pay for itself and your body with thank you when you're much older!
Apr 16, 2015
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A gaming-grade chair and a good quality office chair are the same thing, they are just being marketed differently.
Even the second answer (No, a good office chair does the job) in the choices is wrong, because "good office chair" IS a special chair. So it should be "Yes, a good office chair does the job.", not the "No" beginning.
Mar 18, 2008
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Long gaming sessions you need a special butt, like mine, big and fat, now thats comfort.

My "gaming chair" is a $2.50 Special from the dump with a second cushion on it lol
Aug 2, 2011
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Dec 21, 2008
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i'm sitting on the side of my bed when im gaming,
its comfy, and you can just lie down whenever if you want to relax and enjoy.